The Jaw Dropping Shark Week Event Now In Full Swing! (Video)


Shark Week is now here -- "television's longest running must-see summer TV event returns to Discovery Channel." Shark Week has been going on for 27 years to be exact.

Shark Week fans will drop their jaws at the lineup of shows and events scheduled throughout the week. The Discovery Channel reveals that there will be 13 awesome shows "coupled with a live talk show each night," making Shark Week 2014 the host of "the most premiere hours ever featured" in the history of this event.

Get ready to learn more about sharks than you ever imagined. With the live-show, Shark After Dark, viewers will enjoy shark tales, as well as having the opportunity to interact with the show's guests via Twitter. Get your shark questions ready, folks!

More exciting adventures include the nail-biting I Escaped Jaws 2, which is a collection of "first person" interviews with actual footage of survivors who have experienced horrifying shark attacks. Fans will be chomping at the bit to learn not only how these shark attack victims seemed to barely escape, but will get a glimpse as to why these attacks possibly took place as revealed by the Discovery Channel.

Shark Week fans can also look forward to shows about the Monster Hammerhead, which is a legendary shark that is believed to have been rocking the shores of Florida for over sixty years. Is this real or legend?

Viewers will also hear about the surge of shark attacks in Hawaii. Surf legend Kala Alexander will attempt to explain why the waters of Hawaii have become a "hot spot" for sharks in the breath-taking show, Sharkaggedon.

There are those, however, who say Shark Week takes things to extreme, and tends to stretch the truth when it comes to shark stories.

In fact, Vox goes so far as to say that Shark Week is:

"That magical time of year when shark scientists tear their hair out over all the misleading claims about sharks that get splashed on TV."

Vox claims this was an urban legend created by journalists in the 1970s. Vox goes on to say that the Discovery Channel didn't debunk the myth, but, "instead, they offered up computer-generated images and interviewed fake experts with fake names (like "Conrad Manus") about the fake submarine shark."

rob lowe for shark week

Discovery Channel did, however, offer a disclaimer, "Its existence is highly controversial. Events have been dramatized, but many believe Submarine exists to this day," as revealed by Vox. But, it's all fun for Shark Week fans.

Shark Week will certainly make you think twice before wading out into the waves of the ocean, but don't let that stop you from watching this historical event. If you haven't watched, take the plunge, you might actually get hooked.

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