Jesus Statue Has Real Human Teeth: Surprising Find In X-Ray Of 300-Year-Old Christ Statue

An 18th century Jesus statue in Mexico has real human teeth inside of it, an X-ray reveals. The Christ statue in Mexico contains teeth that are in miraculously in perfect condition. This discovery came about when researchers at Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) ran X-rays on the “Lord of Patience,” during a restoration process.

As Vice News reports, the teeth are barely visible from the outside, but an anthropologist was able to determine that the eight human teeth are all intact on the 3-foot-8-inch sculpture that depicts Jesus during the Passion. It’s normally seated in a San Bartolo Cuautlalpan church.

Fanny Unikel, art restorer from Mexico’s National School of Conservation, Restoration and Museology, tells INAH TV:

“It is common for statues to have teeth, but they are normally made of wood or carved individually out of bone. In this case, he has eight adult teeth. You can even see the roots.”

Unikel says the teeth inside the Jesus statue was probably a donation made by someone who wanted to feel close to the religious figure. Parishioners in the past donated hair, clothes, or whatever they could for religious statues.

It’s not known the exact date when the Christ sculpture was created, but it’s definitely from the 18th century and the Colonial Era.

“The sculpture is always dressed,” Unikel shares. “He only leaves the church during Holy Week, when he is paraded through the town.”

The Lord of Patience is well regarded and people love seeing the figure make an appearance at festivals, parades, and other holiday events around San Bartolo Cuautlapan, which is 30 miles north of Mexico City. His presence has been venerated there for centuries, according to the report.

“The community really appreciates him, and this can be seen in the base of the sculpture, where there are different layers of multiple shades of paint. This shows that they wanted to present him with dignity.”

It’s amazing that the human teeth inside the Jesus statue are in such excellent condition. There are horror stories of human teeth often rotting out if they were used for other purposes. When it came to creating a figure such as this, wooden teeth were commonly incorporated into the art piece.

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[Image via Vice News]