Harry Styles Gets Sleepy During 2014 Teen Choice Awards

Harry Styles is an extremely busy guy these days. Since the One Direction fellas are in the middle of an epic North American tour, it’s not altogether surprising that they’re occasionally a little tired and rundown. Newsflash: They’re human!

Such is the case of poor Harry Styles during the group’s acceptance speech at the 2014 Teen Choice Awards. Since the guys couldn’t attend the event in person, they recorded a special message for their loyal legion of fans as a thank you. That’s when some folks noticed that Styles was having a little trouble staying awake.

According to the celebrity gossip mongers at OK! Magazine, Harry Styles and the young lads took home no less than eight honors during the ceremony. To make sure everyone knew just how much they appreciated the gestures, the guys briefly sat down in front of a camera while Niall Horan expressed their collective gratitude.

In the background, Styles had some trouble staying awake. The video embedded below is a little pixelated, but Harry’s sleepiness is still quite noticeable.

The screen cap posted over at the Daily Record shows that Harry Styles and his pals look pretty worn out. Venturing through the wilds of North America will definitely have that effect on a band. Check out the poor lads and their surfboard below.

Here’s a slightly more energetic snapshot of the gang.

#TEENCHOICE one direction ❤️@onedirection @Real_Liam_Payne @NiallOfficial @Harry_Styles @zaynmalik @Louis_Tomlinson pic.twitter.com/OfR4JyVfyi

— Lorena Gambini (@lorenagambini9) August 11, 2014

In case you missed the news, One Direction took home awards for Choice Music Group, Choice Single Group for “Story of My Life,” Choice Break-Up Song for “Story of My Life,” and Choice Male Hottie. Styles also took home an honor for best smile.

Considering Styles is an extremely busy guy these days, what with all that ceaseless touring, chances are fans will forgive the poor guy for falling asleep during the group’s 2014 Teen Choice Awards acceptance speech. In fact, Directioners are just as overzealous as they ever were during a recent show in Massachusetts. Cambio points out that one fan was so excited that he or she threw a walkie-talkie on stage.

“Instead of his typical deer-in-headlights expression or flailing hands, the singer happily picked up the neat gadget and proceeded to speak to the girl on the other end. We suspect the fan was doing a heck of a lot more screaming than talking, but you get the picture.”

Are you surprised Harry Styles was a little sleepy during the Teen Choice Awards?

[Image via Nick TV Magazine]