Six Die In Crash: High-Speed Police Chase Ends With Driver Killing 6, Including Family Of 4

Six people die in a crash following a high-speed police chase. USA Today reports that the six people killed Sunday night included a family of four. The SUV that was chased by police happened just outside of Houston. The driver ran a stop sign and slammed into another vehicle. The 23-year-old SUV driver, who had an outstanding warrant for felony DWI, was also killed — along with his cousin.

At 8:20 pm, a Dickinson police officer was attempting to stop an SUV that was driving without its headlines on and kept swerving. The Dodge Durango picked up speed — up to 100 mph — “so fast my guy couldn’t keep up,” Dickson Police Capt. Jay Jaekel tells Galveston Daily News.

Police have released the identities of the six who died in the crash. The family in the other car consisted of three adults and one teenager. They are: Rafael Guererro, 41; his wife, Alejandra Guerrero, 38; her brother, Gilberto Ortega Jr., 25; and Guerreros’s son, Luis Angel Guerrero, 15.

KHOU reports that the Guerrero’s eldest son, Sabastian Yanez, wasn’t in the car with them.

Yanez says:

“I was in my house, I was trying to call my mom, dad and uncle. I called them three times and no one answered, then I got a call from the League City Police Department and that’s how I got the news.”

It’s assumed that the family was returning home after doing laundry.

Juan Garcia Ahuezoteco, 23, and his cousin, Alejandro Molina, were in the SUV. Ahuezoteco was the one driving, according to police. Molina’s age hasn’t been confirmed.

Authorities haven’t been able to confirm whether Ahuezoteco was a legal resident of the U.S. He’s a League City resident, but a citizen of Mexico, police say.

Capt. Jaekel says that the officer who initiated the high-speed chase “was pretty shook up by what he saw” after the crash. It’s reportedly one of the worst ones police there have seen.

Impact from the car wreck was so powerful that the Honda the family was in careened off the road and went through a ditch and some brush.

An accident investigation team is examining the violent crash. The Galveston County District Attorney and the Texas Department of Public Safety are said to also be part of the investigation.

High-speed car chases are dangerous for bystanders and other drivers. In this case, the rate of speed was so high while the driver blew through the stop sign, it would have been impossible for anyone to survive the crash.

[Photo Credit: Galveston Daily News]