Armored Truck Spills Bags Of Money While Driving In Detroit

The back doors of an armored truck reportedly flew open in Detroit Monday morning, spilling bags of money onto the road. Two men took the opportunity to grab the bags and run. The armored truck reportedly spilled the bags of money in front of Detroit’s Cass Tech High School Monday, according to WJBK.

The armored truck had exited the freeway when the doors flew open leaving bags of cash unprotected, according to WXYZ news. The armored truck had been on the eastbound Fisher Freeway service drive. The two men that ran away with the money headed northbound down Cass Avenue. Police are questioning one man that allegedly grabbed some of the money. Detroit police officers are still searching for the other suspect who stole the cash from the armored truck.

Some reports indicate that the two men went up to the vehicle and took the money directly from the back of the truck. The Detroit police have not clarified discrepancies in media reports as of Monday afternoon.

The authorities are requesting that anyone who knows the second suspect contact the Detroit police. A description of the second suspect has not been released yet. The Detroit police also have not disclosed how much money was stolen after the armored truck’s doors flew open. Detroit is the same city in Michigan that recently saw protests from “The Hulk” when the city shut off water to residents who failed to pay their water bill. It’s also the same city that recently evicted blight-eating urban goats.

Some speculate the doors on the armored truck did not accidentally swing open. One ClickOnDetroit reader commented:

“The truck was coming off the freeway when its doors unexpectedly opened and then the money bags fell out. I can think of 2 other times in Detroit when this happened. Just like the other times there were people around to pick up the bags.”

Most public comments indicate public support of the robbers. A reader with the username Mark Mayballs wrote, “cha ching! its printed out of thin air so let them keep it.”

Some say it’s their dream come true and expressed their jealousy that someone else is living their fantasy. James Mike Edwards wrote, “why dont the doors ever fly open and bags of money fall out when im around? I follow armored trucks around sometimes just waiting and the doors never fly open…”

Overall, the public find the situation more humorous than anything upsetting. A reader with the user name DJ Meph wrote, “Everyone panic, these robbers are specifically targeting any moving vehicle with thousands in cash falling out of it.”

What would you do if you were standing in the road and an armored truck carrying bags of cash flew open? Would you grab the money and run like the two men in Detroit, and would it make a difference to you if the bags of money actually fell onto the road?

[Photo via Twitter]