Andrea Clevenger: TLC’s ‘Cheer Perfection’ Mom Gets 10 Years In Prison For Sex With Teen

Andrea Clevenger of TLC’s Cheer Perfection has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for having had sex with an underage boy several times. The 34-year-old woman pleaded guilty to first-degree sexual assault in addition to a charge of engaging a child in sexually explicit conduct.

According to CBS News, Andrea Clevenger has to stay away from the boy involved for the next 20 years. Though the Cheer Perfection mom was sentenced to 10 years, she likely will serve much less than that. She must serve at least two-and-a-half years though before she can be considered for parole.

Clevenger was one of the moms showcased on the TLC show Cheer Perfection that was on for two seasons, ending in October 2013. The show has since been canceled. Those associated with the show had a tough run of things earlier this year.

First there was Clevenger’s arrest making headlines in January, and then the arrest of Ronald Dunlap, the Cheer Time Revolution co-owner, just days later. At the time, TMZ reported that Dunlap and another coach, Ryan Dahl, were arrested for drug possession in the parking lot of the Sherwood, Arkansas, gym. In the time right after the arrest, Dunlap’s wife and star of Cheer Perfection, Alisha Dunlap, suspended both from the gym.

As for Andrea Clevenger’s case, the former Cheer Perfection mom admitted that she had asked the 13-year-old boy involved to take explicit photos and send them to her via text. She also had sex with him last November. Previous reports via CBS News indicate that Andrea Clevenger allegedly had sex with the teen at least three different times. Two of those times were said to be in her vehicle, while at third was at her home.

Apparently the teen’s parents found the inappropriate pictures on his phone, and authorities discovered 32 explicit images that Clevenger had sent the boy. The teen’s mom and the Cheer Perfection star had talked to one another after the November incident, and Clevenger is said to have admitted to the sex acts. However, she apparently added that the boy “doesn’t act 13.” That excuse didn’t work well for her with the authorities, however.

TLC has since indicated that the decision to cancel Cheer Perfection came prior to both Clevenger and Ronald Dunlap’s arrests. Fans miss the show and had hoped for some time that it might return. Though Andrea Clevenger’s TLC involvement was minor compared to others involved with the show, her arrest definitely brought a lot of unwanted attention to the gym and the network.

[Image via Parent Society]