Utah Teen, Marli Hamblin, Killed While Sunbathing In Driveway

A teenage girl from Syracuse, Utah, was killed after being run over by a truck in her own driveway while sunbathing. Marli Hamlin was only 15 years old, a new recruit on the local high school cheerleader squad, and a girl with a bright future ahead of her.

Marli Hamblin was recently accepted into her school’s cheerleading squad and was sunbathing in her driveway to tan herself to look her best. She was listening to music through her headphones, drowning out the noise of the neighborhood, and relaxing in the warm sun. Her sister, who was in the garage, hopped in the family’s Chevy truck and proceeded to back out onto the driveway, running over her sister in the process. Marli did not die from the wounds immediately, and spent some time in ICU before passing on.

According to a Facebook page set up by the family, there was hope that she would survive, according to an August 8 post.

“Marli is in ICU and fighting for her life. She is in a medical induced coma so she is in no pain. The doctors performed a bone flap to aide in the reduction of brain swelling. Next 24-72 hours will be crucial for her. The best thing for Marli is low brain stimulation with dark and quiet. They are waiting for her to stabilize her blood pressure on her own. Please pray for Marli and the Hamblin family.”

On August 10t, the following post shared that Marli had passed on.

“Our precious Marli is home with her heavenly father. Please continue prayers of comfort for this family during this time.”

Marli’s sister is distraught over the incident and will take some time to heal the emotional wounds that she has received. According to Officer Erin Behm, Marli’s sister simply did not see her sunbathing in the driveway. She will not be charged for the incident, which has been described as simply being an accident.

“The driver wasn’t paying attention, obviously didn’t think there would be anyone in the driveway, and just backed out of the driveway,”

Marli’s Grandfather spoke out regarding how Marli’s sister is coping with the tragedy.

“She’s having a very difficult time, beating herself up. All we can do is encourage her you know, it’s just an accident, it can happen to anybody at any given time.”

Individuals that would like to send words of support to the family can visit the Miracle for Marli Facebook page. There is also a GoFundMe account set up on the page for individuals to donate towards Marli’s medical bills and other incurred costs.

[Photo Courtesy: Toronto Sun]