Two-Headed Dolphin Washes Up On Turkey Beach, Shocks Onlookers

Biologists and the scientific community in general are intrigued after the lifeless body of a two-headed dolphin was discovered on a Turkish beach. The body of the two-headed dolphin is believed to be that of a calf, no more than 1 year old. The startling discovery was made by an individual named Tugrul Metin, reports Yahoo. The 39-year-old was walking by the shores of Izmir, located on the west coast of Turkey when he spotted the dolphin carcass.

The animal was nearly 3.2 feet long and looked like a normal dolphin from the tail end. However, the body became wider as we go up and at the top, it was found to have two heads.

Two Headed dolphin

When asked by reporters, Metin quipped:

"I couldn't take it in at first. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me — I've never even heard about a dolphin like this let alone seen one with my own eyes — I was completely shocked."

Metin also revealed to the Daily Mail that one of the heads eyes were not open and that the twin headed dolphin only had a single blowhole.

As you would have expected him to do being an educator, Metin quickly alerted the cops who in turn alerted authorities from the Ak Deniz university to ask them if they would be interested in studying the anatomy of the two-headed dolphin. The dead animal was subsequently handed over to the university officials where a marine biologist, Mehmet Gokoglu, and his team would be researching on it.

Mehmet Gokoglu also told reporters that it was a great opportunity for them to study such an unique animal.

"Such a dolphin is a very rare occurrence — similar to the occurrence of conjoined human twins,"

That said, this is not the first time a twin-headed animal has been recovered from the seas. Back in March 2013, The Inquisitr reported about the discovery of a twin-headed shark fetus in the Florida Keys. For those of you who might have read that, the discovery of this two-headed dolphin might not come as a surprise.

[Images Via Wikimedia Commons, NY Daily News]