‘Teen Mom’ Star Farrah Abraham’s Sex Toys Are Extremely Overpriced

Mary Jane

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham may not have been proud of her two sex tapes, but she is pushing forward when it comes to making money from her mistake. She filmed the sex tape with well-known adult movie star James Deen and tried to sell the tapes as being private movies that were leaked to the adult film industry. To make a deal, Farrah Abraham got around a million dollars, but she also got the label of being a porn star.

After the success of her movies, Farrah Abraham has revealed that she isn't interested in doing more movies. But now that she has an image in the adult film industry, Abraham is going forward with various projects. She has launched a sex-toy line and she is writing an erotic trilogy story that may feature some elements from her own sex life.

Farrah Abraham is also thinking of a way to take herself out of the sex industry by creating these sex toys. But she may have an uphill battle with these toys. According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report, Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham is now selling her sex toys and the prices are through the roof. Her sex toys are way overpriced and even beat out Kandi Burruss' sex toy line when it comes to what you get for your money. Burruss is a famous singer, producer, and housewife from The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Farrah Abraham's product line is rather expensive, especially considering that her fans are younger people who may not be working a full-time job. Teenagers tend to gravitate towards Teen Mom, so $100 is a lot of money for teenagers. But her "full-on" sex toys are actually around $198, while one product called the "backdoor entry" is closer to $449. The products can be bought through Dallas Novelty.

Abraham has been doing many things to promote her sex toys. She invited tabloids to come with her when she was creating the products. Farrah has also been promoting her sex toys at red carpet events, including at a recent sex-toy party.

But Farrah is also at home with her daughter, Sophia. She has been writing her erotic trilogy when she has had some time to herself, and she already has a few ideas on who she wants for the movie. She wants Sandra Bullock and Jessica Alba star in the trilogy, but given they are both mothers, Abraham may have an uphill battle convincing them to join the project.

Would you buy Farrah Abraham's expensive sex toys?

[Image via All The Teen Moms]