‘Bachelorette’ Star Andi Dorfman Wants To Make Josh Murray Happy

Bachelorette star Andi Dorfman is thrilled that she can now share her love for Josh Murray on social media platforms and with her friends. Over the past couple of months, the couple had to sneak around Atlanta to see one another as the show was airing. On After the Final Rose, she revealed that they were wearing hats and wigs to hide out from the media to avoid ruining the finale for viewers.

It is no secret that the journey to find love hasn't been easy. On that same finale, Andi had to send home Nick Viall. On the After the Final Rose special, he asked Andi Dorfman why she felt it was appropriate for them to sleep together, knowing that she would be sending him home. But the news of their hook-up didn't rattle Murray or his feelings for Dorfman.

According to a new report, Bachelorette star Andi Dorfman is now doing everything to keep her man happy. Of course, they are probably still in the honeymoon phase, but they look ready to get married and start a family. Over the weekend, Dorfman revealed that she had planned and hosted a surprise party for Murray to celebrate his 30th birthday.

And Dorfman did a good job, as a source reveals that Josh said, "I had no idea -- I'm completely shocked!" The couple stayed out until 2:30 am and were spotted having fun bowling, shooting basketballs, and being adorable as always.

Of course, this birthday celebration goes against rumors that they are splitting up. A recent OK! Magazine print feature hinted that they were close to splitting because Josh was a jealous type. "Josh has a pretty jealous personality and a bad temper. Josh would take control and answer questions for Andi," a source revealed to the magazine. "Sometimes he barely let her get a word in. She's had to tell him to let her speak for herself a number of times."

It sounds like Andi Dorfman couldn't disagree more with those jealousy rumors. According to The Inquisitr, these two have already been talking about when and where they want to get married. Since Chris Harrison adores Andi, it is definitely possible that he will offer them a televised Bachelorette wedding.

Andi and Josh are very happy together and it is only a matter of time before they announce a wedding date. But it is possible that they just want to settle a bit from the whirlwind of a roller coaster that was The Bachelorette before doing something else on national television.

What do you think of Andi Dorfman planning Josh's birthday?

[Image via Bach and Bachette Fans]