George Clooney’s Fiancé Chosen To Investigate Alleged Israeli War Crimes By U.N.

George Clooney’s wife-to-be, human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin, has been chosen by the U.N. Human Rights Council to sit on a commission looking into alleged Israeli war crimes in Gaza.

The New York Post reported today that Alamuddin will be joined by Senegal’s Doudou Dienne, who was the UN’s Special Rapporteur on contemporary racism from 2002-2008, and is known to be a strong Islamist, as well as Canada’s William Schabas, who is a genocide expert.

The whole issue of a U.N. commission producing a report to try and point the blame of war crimes against Israel is preposterous. The U.N., sadly, has proved time and time again to be viciously anti-Israel in their agenda, passing motion after motion against the Jewish state for defending itself against the rockets of Hamas, while almost totally ignoring the plight of really oppressed people’s around the world.

Naharnet also reported that the organization commissioned the Goldstone Report during the last Israel war with Hamas which turned out to be violently anti-Israel in its findings, whilst almost completely failing to mention the shortcomings of the Palestinians, both from Hamas and the P.A., which started the conflict in the first place.

In 2010, Schabas said in an interview that even though he supported the Goldstone Report, he noted that the allegations against Israel were not on the same scale as more serious violations elsewhere in the world, Schabas said:

“I think that when we look at all the crimes committed in Gaza during the conflict at the end of 2008-2009 we find that they are probably not, on a Richter scale of atrocity, at the top. And there are many places in the world where worse crimes have been committed. Sri Lanka, for example, in March or April of 2009 was much more serious in terms of the atrocities and loss of life that was committed. So there is a tendency I believe for us to think that Gaza was the worst crime.”

For her part, George Clooney’s bride-to-be, Amal Alamuddin, will hopefully bring a dimension of sanity to the upcoming U.N. commission and steer it away from anti-Israel rhetoric, which has been so prevalent in the past.

Perhaps Alamuddin will also point out to the panel she sits with that, during the current round of fighting, Israel only fired back at the Palestinians after it was attacked by barrages of rockets and that Hamas has been sure to use the Palestinian population as human shields in order to promote it’s deadly Islamist agenda.

Firing over 3000 missiles without guidance systems from the center of civilian areas to ensure that their citizens are placed in harm’s way, now THAT’S a war crime!