Swift Dramatic Exes: Taylor Swift Disses Her ‘Dramatic’ Exes At Teen Choice Awards

Taylor Swift has some dramatic exes, at least that’s what she basically said at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday night. The Red singer stood on the stage to present an award when she took a clear shot at her former boyfriends. That’s right, folks. According to The Huffington Post, T.S. insulted her past loves. Are you surprised? You shouldn’t be.

“Oh hey guys. You know we’ve had some amazing memories here together at the Teen Choice Awards. And so, I was excited when they asked me to come and present this award, because no one knows more about dramatic males than I do.”

Swift had dramatic exes, there’s no doubt — everyone has had a dramatic ex at least once in their life. However, some must have been more dramatic than others — and it would have been great if Swift elaborated! Harry Styles, Jake Gyllenhaal, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, and Joe Jonas could all easily fall into the “dramatic” category, but usually the woman is described by the term. Leave it to Swift, however, who almost always pens a song about her relationships after they’ve fizzled out.

The singer must be doing something right because she took home a surfboard of her own last night. Swift won Choice Female Country Artist, proving that she’s got staying power — and that she should definitely keep doing what she’s doing.

Swift’s dramatic exes probably weren’t too pleased being called out on stage. Can you imagine Taylor Lautner sitting on his couch wondering if his ex-girlfriend was referring to him during her little intro spiel? Not to mention the fact that most of these guys have songs written about them… and many aren’t too sweet.

“Wait… Is she talking about me?”

According to Yahoo! News, Swift’s little “dramatic” joke got big laughs from the crowd. Naturally she was just being funny (maybe Harry Styles didn’t think so), and people seem to appreciate Swift’s tendency to oust her exes after she’s done with them. Maybe it’s not the classiest thing to do, but Swift calls on her experiences, and makes great music in doing so. Plenty of people can relate to her songs, and that’s why she sells so many records — and wins so many awards.

Of course, it would be nice for Swift to meet someone who wasn’t dramatic. Someone whom she could have a long-lasting relationship with… but Swift is still pretty young. She seems to be enjoying life… and dating the wrong ones has actually worked out for her so far.

For now, focusing on her female friendships seems to be Taylor’s thing. According to The Inquisitr, Taylor and Selena Gomez have made up and are BFF again. But none of that is dramatic at all.

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