‘Breaking Bad’ Spin-Off Trailer: What The Web Is Saying About First Look At ‘Better Call Saul’

It’s the moment Breaking Bad fans have been looking forward to or dreading — Better Call Saul’s first teaser trailer is here. As we reported earlier, the first look at the AMC spin-off features everyone’s most beloved and equally hated hack lawyer Saul Goodman.

First, the series had a bit of fun marketing with Breaking Bad’s Better Call Saul in the form of an Albuquerque billboard that advertised services by Saul’s alter ego “James M McGill.” When people called the number they heard none other than actor Bob Odenkirk’s voice on the other end. It was clever, but nothing close to a real look at Better Call Saul.

Now that we have our first look, here’s what fans of the show are saying. As expected, people are giving a very polarizing response to the too short teaser.

Some reactions have been favorable:

While others weren’t really impressed with what they saw.

One fan had a very strong opinion on the teaser:

“The #BetterCallSaul teaser trailer is neither teasing nor trailing. Also, it’s a prequel & Saul looks old as f–k.”

Another fan didn’t seem to be too impressed with Saul Goodman’s appearance:

“#BetterCallSaul is more like a teaser for the actual teaser trailer, I mean 9 seconds? what the f–k.”

Now not only do we have a brief first look but we also have a release date for the AMC series.

According to the brief teaser, Breaking Bad’s spin-off Better Call Saul will air in the UK on Netflix on February 2015. This is in line with what we’ve heard in the U.S. While we don’t have a specific month to confirm, AMC has said that we could expect the 10-episode series to run in 2015 and season two in 2016.

For those who don’t want to watch Better Off Saul on AMC, you can also watch it on Netflix as well, but if you live in the U.S. it won’t air simultaneously with Netflix. If you miss out on the first season on AMC, fans of the show will have to catch the full season after it airs, much like the deal the streaming service has with other shows.

As we reported, the Breaking Bad spin-off will take place in the past, present and future, which means a few of our favorite characters might show up. If anything, we know that Jesse Pinkman’s Aaron Paul is game to make a cameo or two on the show, especially if he gets to play Jesse’s lighter side.

As for the cast, the only two from the original series that have been confirmed are Bob Odenkirk and Jonathan Banks. Banks played played fixer Mike Ehrmantraut, whose life came to an end at the hands of Walter White.

Take a peek at the first look: