‘Teen Mom’ Star Jenelle Evans Doesn’t Care About Treating Dogs Badly

Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans may be sharing her life with the world on the MTV show, but she may be regretting some scenes. Last week, Jenelle filmed a scene where she expressed frustration over her dogs, who were not cooperating with her. She wanted to lock them in their crates and kept yelling at them. Fans were not impressed and the scene kept dragging on, making the entire instance very awkward to watch.

On Teen Mom, Jenelle was frustrated with Nathan’s dogs. She tried to clean up after them, but she stuffed them into their crates and yelled at them in frustration. She was pregnant at the time and Nathan was in jail for 30 days, meaning she was responsible for the entire house. Jenelle even had Jace that weekend. When she learned that the dogs had relieved themselves on the garage floor, she flipped out. It is questionable how long they had been inside the garage for.

According to a new Cambio report, Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans is now encouraged by PETA to give her dogs a new home. When fans watched the show, many of them reached out to PETA to let them know that Jenelle was abusing the animals.

PETA reached out to Jenelle in the form of a letter, saying that they had gotten complains about Jenelle Evans’ treatment of the dogs. “They are full of feelings and needs, just as you are, and when you scream at them, it clearly frightens and upsets them… We urge you to be strong and do what’s right: Please immediately make the commitment to finding them a new, suitable home where they are not kept in crates and punished and yelled at for relieving themselves,” reads the letter from Merrilee Burke at PETA.

The letter was made public, but Evans replied with a simple image. “I just saved 100% on stress by switching to not giving a f**k,” read the message to PETA. Fans on Twitter seemed to be turning on her over the weekend, as they felt the statement showed off her immature side. Even though she claims she has changed and grown up, Evans isn’t acting like an adult.

Jenelle Evans claims that the dog that was causing trouble was Nathan Griffith’s dog. But passing the blame doesn’t solve this issue. PETA is hoping that she will give the dogs a new home. She doesn’t seem eager to make any changes that will improve her family. For example, Evans isn’t moving closer to her son Jace, because Nathan doesn’t want to move away from his family, according to The Inquisitr. Evans seems to be doing what Nathan wants, even if it means keeping the dogs in crates and living far away from her son.

Do you think Jenelle Evans should give up her dogs? Do you think PETA has some valid concerns?

[Image via MTV]