UFO Linked To Missing Cessna In South Australia: Researchers Think Farmer Holds Key To Mystery

A UFO is linked to a Cessna that went missing in South Australia almost 36 years ago. As the Victorian UFO Action group gets ready for its conference September 6th, they want help in identifying a farmer whom they believe can help solve this mystery. It’s possible the farmer who claimed to have witnessed a mysterious aircraft hovering over his property the morning pilot Frederick Valentich, 20, went missing, is no longer alive.

Australia’s Herald Sun reports that the Victorian UFO Action organization says there’s enough evidence with the information they have to suggest that the Cessna Valentich was flying attached itself onto the UFO that the farmer spotted.

The photo above was taken off Cape Otway in South Australia 20 minutes before Valentich went missing in October 1978. The image was snapped by an amateur photographer, the report says.

The farmer at the time supposedly saw a Cessna stuck to the side of the flying object, leaking oil. He scratched the plane’s registration number onto his tractor, but never reported it because he was “ridiculed” by the few friends he told this to. This theory is one of the big mysteries UFO investigators will address at the Australian conference in September.

Lead investigator George Simpson is one of the last people to have seen the Cessna before it went missing. He hopes the farmer is still alive and can be interviewed about this to help solve the missing Cessna mystery.

Pilot Frederick Valentich.

Simpson admits no solid proof of this theory exists, but says this is the best lead in the case they have — and it’s intrigued Australians for “decades.”

“It’s easy for some to dismiss, but there are corroborating stories confirming that there was a UFO near Adelaide at the time,” Simpson says.

The pilot was on a routine cargo flight to King Island when his plane went missing in 1978. Valentich mentioned an object in front of him during his last conversation with air traffic control. He mentioned that it was “not an aircraft.” According to the report, it was the last thing the pilot said following a “metallic clicking sound” that was heard by air traffic control. The transmission had also stopped.

Despite extensive searches for the Cessna and Valentich, nothing ever turned up.

“This was an experienced pilot who should have been able to identify another aircraft but was clearly unable to,” Mr Simpson notes.

Investigators are hoping to find a final transmission copy of Valentich’s that was aired on Melbourne radio station 3XY back then.

As the report goes on to say, the Valentich mystery will be among many “Aussie X-files” to be covered when the Victorian UFO Action group hosts its “Age of Reason” conference on next month.

Is it possible the missing Cessna from 1978 somehow got stuck on a UFO?

[Image via Herald Sun]