Phil Roberton A No-Show At Iowa State Fair: ‘Duck Dynasty’ In Trouble?

Phil Robertson was a no-show at the Iowa State Fair this weekend, making some people wonder if Duck Dynasty is in trouble. Phil’s absence actually wasn’t the only weird thing about the Robertson appearance (Willie, his wife Korie, and Uncle Si were all there). According to The Des Moines Register, there wasn’t a booth selling Duck Dynasty merchandise… you couldn’t even buy a T-shirt.

“There was not a shred of merchandise from the hit cable-TV show, camouflage print or quacking or otherwise, to be purchased inside the Iowa State Fair Grandstand.”

People attending the fair were excited to see some of the Robertsons, but were reportedly shocked that you couldn’t buy a single souvenir — and it was really surprising that Phil decided to sit this one out.

Phil Robertson may or may not have been slated to attend the Iowa State Fair. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a boycott against the Alaska State Fair broke out once residents found out that the Robertson patriarch would be speaking during a special guest appearance. It’s unknown how people in Iowa felt about the Duck Dynasty cast showing up at their fair, but maybe Phil decided against going because of the potential drama. Or maybe he just couldn’t make it for another reason that’s completely unrelated to how anyone feels about him. Chances are? It’s the latter.

According to the report, Willie, Korie, and Uncle Si all sang for the watching crowd of 3,649 people… and apparently that number is low for what was expected. Oh, and people paid $32 to witness the singing/stand-up comedy show, which didn’t sound too amazing to say the least.

Phil Robertson likely wouldn’t have gotten as warm of a welcome from another man who attended the Iowa State Fair this weekend. According to The News Star, Bobby Jindal attended, and was a huge hit among fair-goers. However, some say that his appearance on Duck Dynasty made him more recognizable. Apparently a little reality television does a body (and a potential 2016 Presidential campaign?) good.

“He has visited Iowa previously, so he isn’t unknown in the state’s political circles, but a Jindal aide suggested that some Iowans had probably seen him on cable TV’s ‘Duck Dynasty’ and on Fox News.”

Duck Dynasty has been fighting to prove that the whole franchise is still golden. With a significant ratings drop, some people were wondering if the hoopla surrounding the Robertsons was finally over… but that doesn’t seem to be the case, really. There are still millions of people who love and support this family, and plenty would have bought a souvenir from the Iowa State Fair had there been some for sale.

[Photo courtesy of Art Streiber/A&E 2014]