Medical Examiner Still Quiet On Mysterious Death Of Stoneham Couple’s Son A Year Later

The medical examiner still has no word on what caused the death of Neil Carruthers a year ago. His parents, Bob and Roseanne, are still waiting after having witnessed their son’s fatal collapse in the hallway of their home.

The Stoneham couple has placed pictures of their son from various memorable parts of his life throughout their home in Georgia. In one room is a picture of him in the woods with his 105 pound Labrador, Bear. In another is a picture of Neil on his wedding day in 2010, smiling with his new wife Tina.

The two had met on a Christian Adventist dating website and fallen in love despite Tina having been born in Romania.

It was only three years after their wedding that Neil and Tina died less than two days apart. Tina had been diagnosed with brain cancer and undergone treatment, and Neil knew it was incurable. It didn’t stop him from wanting to spend her remaining days by her side anyway. She had even relearned how to walk, talk, and sing before the cancer came back.

On August 11, 2013, Neil Carruthers collapsed in the hallway and was sent to the hospital where doctors were unable to revive him. Tina died only 46 hours later. A year later, the medical examiner still hasn’t told the remaining family the true cause of Neil’s death.

Speculation would suggest there’s something involved that Neil’s parents are happier not knowing. Other than that, there doesn’t seem to be any logical cause for their son’s mysterious death or the withholding of said information.

Stoneham couple Bob and Rosanne are doing whatever they can to deal with the grief, even attending meetings for others dealing with the deaths of their children. Roseanne says that someone at Compassionate Friends, a national support group, gave them advice:

“Someone there said it’s important that you set a plan, figure out what you’re going to be doing. Otherwise, you’re going to go around crying all day.”

They stopped attending the meetings due to the “overwhelming” grief they always found there.

Bob has stated that he’s getting impatient with the medical examiner. It has been a year today and he still doesn’t know what killed his son, in spite of several calls with no answer.

Their daughter had also died young, in her 20s. Neil had lived to the age of 34.

What could the medical examiner be hiding? Was the cause of death disturbing, or has the hospice simply not gotten around to saying anything?

Bob and Roseanne Carruthers are still waiting on the closure.

[image via dot-physical]