Australian Boy In Iraq Poses With Severed Head In Photo, Australian PM Appalled

An Australian boy holding a severed Syrian soldier head in a photo taken by a proud ISIS soldier and father, is the most recent image of horror to come out of a post 2003 “Iraq War” world. It has been over 11 years after the start of the Iraq War, and signs of weapons of mass destruction have become rampant and unchecked terrorism throughout the Middle East. The beheading of soldiers, and anyone deemed an “infidel” by Islamic terrorists, is nothing new to a region ravaged by savage, manipulating terror groups.

The Inquisitr reported on a video of a beheading back in June. In this recent instance, the act seems all the more horrific, when a small child of one of the ISIS militants is shown holding one of the beheaded Syrian soldiers head in his hand for a disturbing photo op. According to the International Business Times:

“An Australian newspaper published photographs of a young boy, said to be the son of a convicted Australian terrorist, holding the decapitated head of a Syrian soldier on Monday. The incident prompted Tony Abbott, the Australian prime minister, to say that the photograph was proof of ‘just how barbaric’ the Islamic State is.”

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Abbott, of the “Liberal Party” in Australia, has been generally deemed the most “unliked” Prime Minister. The Australian PM’s hardline stance against Islam and jihadist terrorists has ramped up in recent weeks.

Not even a week ago, Australian PM Abbott unveiled new “Anti-Jihadi” laws aimed at cracking down on terrorism, and the collusion of Australians and ISIS. Khaled Sharrouf has been the most notable Australian convert. Al Jazeera reported on the man’s background:

“Australia has an arrest warrant out for Sharrouf, who has also been pictured posing with severed heads. Officials have said up to 150 Australians are fighting with rebels overseas, mostly in Iraq and Syria. Sharrouf, who served almost four years in prison after pleading guilty over a 2005 conspiracy to attack Sydney, fled the country using his brother’s passport.”

Reports indicate, Mr. Sharrouf replied “That’s my boy” on Twitter to the photo of his son with the decapitated head. Australian PM Anthony Abbott, According to Al Jazeera, went on to say:

“What we’ve got to appreciate is that Islamic State – as they’re now calling themselves – is not just a terrorist group, it’s a terrorist army and they’re seeking not just a terrorist enclave but effectively a terrorist state, a terrorist nation, And this does pose extraordinary problems… not just for the people of the Middle East but for the wider world.”

According to Yahoo News, US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel also weighed in, shortly after Australia’s PM:

“I think this was reflected in a local newspaper I saw this morning and the picture on the front page. It was pretty graphic evidence of the real threat that IS represents,’ he said in Sydney.”

The Australian PM also reportedly said that he will join the U.S. in airdropping food and aid, but stopped short of suggesting he would join any other involvement, military or otherwise.

[Images Via Twitter]