Oregon Woman Gives CPR To Pet Lizard To Bring It Back To Life

Sherrie Dolezal of Salem, Oregon, brought one of her pet lizards back to life by administering CPR to the reptile.

The Mail Online reported that, when Dolezal returned to her home from running errands, she found her favorite lizard — a bearded dragon named Del Sol — floating unconscious in his pool. She immediately forced air into his mouth and began chest compressions, which took a good 30 minutes. Then Del Sol opened his eyes and started moving.

Sherrie, a 62-year-old grandmother, refers to herself as the Reptile Rescuer. Apart from Del Sol, she keeps another 21 lizards in her house.

On Tuesday, she was out and about a lot, but still found time to feed and clean Del Sol before putting back in his small swimming pool. Unfortunately, she didn’t remember to replace the rocks in the pool which enable Del Sol to climb out. He was floating face up in the pool when she finally arrived home.

Dolezal told the Statesman Journal, “When I came back I was sure he was dead, which just killed me because Del belongs to my great-grandson, Roberto. I really couldn’t remember how many chest compressions should be given before a rescue breath, but he was blue so I just did it. I was really amazed it worked.”

Dolezel recounted that she held the motionless Del and rubbed his belly. She then hung him upside down to clear water from his mouth and breathed air past his teeth. Soon, he opened his eyes and started to move.

Apart from her collection of lizards — which she either rescued or purchased –– Sherrie Dolezal has a Russian tortoise and three dogs.

Giving CPR to the tortoise, should it ever become necessary, could prove quite a challenge!

[Main Image: AP]