Cat Eating Burmese Python Snake Goes On Kitty Killing Spree Until Cops Track 120 Pound Monster Down

A cat-eating Burmese python in Florida apparently went on a kitty-killing spree in one neighborhood until the cops were able to track the snake down.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, those cats apparently couldn’t channel Chuck Norris like this other fearless kitty, which told a hungry alligator who was boss. If you think that sounds dangerous, then you should check out the report about a driver who stole a python, wrapped the snake around her neck, and then made her escape in a Toyota Prius. Can you guess what happened next?

Florida police officers say residents of a neighborhood in Port St. Lucie were complaining that their cherished feline pets were going missing. But then people in the area began reporting to police that they had spotted an extremely large snake roaming around homes in the area.

When Sgt. John Holman investigated, he found a dead cat in the area, and then ran into the Burmese python hiding in a waist-high bush. Holman had to call in backup since he could not manage the giant creature’s capture all on his own. After it all went down, they measured the Burmese python at about 12 feet and it is claimed to be about 120 pounds. They are presuming the snake is responsible for the missing cats in the area.

Legally, the owner of the Burmese python would normally be in hot water, since Florida banned Burmese pythons in 2012. But, in this case, the owner of the snake has a special license that the large creature to be kept. Whether or not the cat owners will be compensated for their precious kitties becoming lunch was not reported.

The cat-eating snake may be pretty big but it’s hardly the longest Burmese python in the world. According to the Guinness World Records, this honor goes to a snake in Kansas named Medusa, which measured 25 feet and 2 inches and weighed 350 pounds. Fortunately, Medusa doesn’t have the mythical power of turning creatures to stone or I’m sure cats all over the state would have evacuated by now.

Medusa Snake