‘Big Brother’ 2014 Spoilers: The Week 7 POV Results Are Revealed

Things are getting pretty wild and crazy in the Big Brother 2014 house. As viewers saw on Sunday, Caleb and Frankie were nominated by Nicole and Donny and Zach were nominated by Christine. The house planned to target Frankie, but that fell apart after the Battle of the Block competition. Fans want Big Brother spoilers, and a lot has gone down on the live feeds over the weekend.

As Buddy TV notes, Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds reveal that the house has been filled with chaos since the double eviction. After Frankie and Caleb won the Battle of the Block, Frankie pulled everybody together to fill them in on who he really is. Viewers should see this all play out on Wednesday’s show, and it should be quite entertaining. Now everybody knows he is Ariana Grande’s brother and that he has done pretty well for himself with a popular YouTube channel. He also claimed that if he wins he plans to use the money to build schools in Africa. Will this sway the other houseguests to let him stick around?

Since the plan to target Frankie is not an option anymore, all eyes turn to the Power of Veto competition. Big Brother spoilers as noted by Big Brother Network reveal that Zach Rance won the POV. That means Donny is stuck on the block, but of course Zach will surely save himself. The POV ceremony will take place on Monday.

Who will go up in Zach’s place? Christine has been saying she will nominate Victoria, but there has been a lot of craziness in the house and things could change. Zach revealed all to Victoria regarding the Detonators, and she went a bit crazy over it. She went to Nicole to confront her about it, and she was crying a lot of tears over how she had trusted Derrick. Soon Derrick called a house meeting where he called out Zach for telling Victoria everything. Victoria and Zach started yelling at one another.

In the midst of all of this, Zach starts yelling that he’ll throw the next Head of Household competition and everybody can vote him out. Most would guess that he doesn’t really have any intention of doing that. After all, he could always just not use the POV and keep himself on the block, but nobody’s banking on that happening.

Though Christine has talked about putting Victoria up Monday, Derrick is scrambling to keep Victoria safe. He has joined up with Caleb and Frankie and they’re trying to talk Christine into backdooring Nicole. Now Christine and Nicole have been working together this week and they have even been talking about an alliance. In addition, they had promised one another they wouldn’t put the other up this week. Can Christine be convinced to nominate Nicole after all? So far it doesn’t look like it, but there is little doubt the guys will keep working on her.

Regardless of which houseguest goes up on the block, it would seem that Donny is in very serious trouble this week. Though fans love him, he’s not in a strong position when it comes to allies in the house right now. Is there anybody Christine could put on the block that would become a bigger target than Donny? It’s not sounding like it, but the drama has been intense the past few nights in the BB16 house so one never knows what could change before the POV ceremony.

Stay tuned for more Big Brother spoilers as the POV ceremony is held and the eviction plan formulates. Big Brother 2014 airs on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday nights on CBS.

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