‘God’s Not Dead’ Now On DVD, Atheists Find It Insulting

God’s Not Dead hit DVD last week after a successful run in theaters, and now that word is out about the film’s portrayal of atheists, many are not happy.

In a recent viral post from Patheos entitled, “What I Learned about Atheists from God’s Not Dead,” writer Neil Carter broke down the most offensive portrayals of atheism from the film, which tells the story of an atheist professor and his God-fearing pupil.

God's Not Dead Angers Atheists

Carter’s major complaints consisted of the following:

“Atheist professors are predatory, and they are out to convert everyone into ideological clones of themselves. Clearly the concept of people committed to “freethought” and “liberal arts” is utterly foreign to the writers of this flick. Ironically, while no secular university I’ve ever heard of would hesitate to fire a professor who demands a signed renunciation of religion from his students, I have heard of Christian schools which demand written statements of belief from both their students and faculty. In real life only one of these two cultures threatens people with everlasting torment for not believing the right things, and it’s not the group being caricatured in the movie.”

“Atheists are clearly incapable of love. If you’re hurting or sick they’ll abandon you. They cannot be inconvenienced with other people’s problems because as we learned in #2, they are only interested in themselves and what they can get from you.”

“Atheists are miserable because they believe life is meaningless. There’s no point to life and nothing is of lasting value beyond their own lives, so you might as well just do what you wanna do and who cares about anyone else? Even as I type this I can hear the voices of at least a dozen friends and family members who have sincerely asked me how I can have any meaning to my life or reason to get up in the morning because they can’t understand how I could have any. This movie totally validates that for them.”

“Atheists have no basis for morality. The brave young hero explained this for us toward the very end. If there’s no God, then there can’t be any good reason to follow rules or be honest or do anything moral. Come to think of it, it’s a wonder these atheists aren’t all murderers.”

No matter what side of the fence you’re on — atheist or a fan of God’s Not Dead — Carter’s list of 10 is really worth a look because it addresses what many have found to be a key failing of the film: a gross exaggeration of the way atheists really are.

Did you see God’s Not Dead? Are Carter’s points well-founded?