Boxer Puppy Thrown From Moving Car In Florida Gets A Second ‘Chance’

When only 13 weeks old, a puppy was thrown from a moving vehicle and left to die. But now the 7-month-old named Chance is being given a second chance at life due to the kindness of strangers.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, a pit bull puppy was dragged behind truck for miles in exchange for the animal abuser being given drugs and alcohol by the dog’s owner. Everyone could not help but feel sorry for the pit bull dog named Herman who stood guard over a fallen friend who was hit by a car.

Back in April, a person working an overnight shift found the severely injured puppy after he had been thrown from the vehicle onto the side of the road.

Theresa Clifton, with the Central Brevard Humane Society. says she’s never heard of someone literally tossing a puppy out the window in order to get rid of a dog:

“Chance is probably the worst case I’ve seen that has survived. People don’t have to go to that extreme. If they don’t want an animal, they can drop them off.”

Mona Motz, of Melbourne’s Purrs and Whiskers Shelter, decided to take a “chance” by taking him in since he had a broken right elbow, a broken rear-right femur, and a broken left front ankle. The four surgeries started in April and lasted through June, costing more than $5,000 in vet fees. Fortunately, donations poured in for poor little Chance to cover the bills but the long road to recovery even required rehab.

Chance is now available for adoption and he’s said to be energetic and playful. But the injuries from the animal abuse left lifelong problems that will require a special home. One of Chance’s paws points inward and he won’t be allowed to roughhouse very much in comparison to other puppies his age. If you live in Florida and want to take a chance, the boxer-hound mix dog is available through the Central Brevard Humane Society at for $150. More information about Chance is here.