WWE Network Outlook Improves, Cuts Seem To Be Working

WWE Network subscriptions may not have to hit anywhere near the 1.4 million number in order for the company’s experimental channel to be a success.

According to a new report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter’s Dave Meltzer, the recent round of WWE layoffs and cost-cutting initiatives may be enough to put the wrestling organization in the black.

The new estimates show that with the recent cutbacks being estimated at around $10 million, with an estimated $30 million to $40 million coming next year, the previous predictions for WWE Network success are no longer valid.

Meltzer states that “the network would only need 750,000 worldwide network subscribers on average next year for the company to break even, down from the estimated 1.4 million subscriber number they had discussed publicly,” WrestleView reports.

“The addition of having the network as an option on television in Canada will also continue to help, along with the network rolling out to another 170 countries and territories worldwide five months early.”

While that may seem like a Draconian way to get the WWE Network to success, it’s really just smart business.

If you can make the product work with less expenses, then why wouldn’t you?

In a related report, The Inquisitr recently shared its picks for the five superstars, who needed to be cut from the roster. To go along with that, here are some additional recommendations for cost-cutting.

Get rid of WWE Main Event.

It’s hard to justify a little-watched sideshow when you’re having financial difficulties. It seems like slicing out the production costs on this every week would make sense, especially with an expected reduction in talent. We would, however, keep NXT. Not only is it a proving ground for the future stars of Raw and Smackdown, but the wrestling itself is often more entertaining.

No more Legends House, or anything that resembles it.

Sticking a bunch of over-the-hill guys in a Real World type of reality series was pretty depressing. We would have much rather seen more Legends of Wrestling roundtables or even more WWE Countdown. Also, the aforementioned third-party wrestling promotion partnerships would be a much better use of resources and programming.

Please, no more shameless $9.99 plugs.

Stop trying to pimp the network 17 times a night with the shameless $9.99 plug as seen on the last Raw. That came across as a company in desperate times. Just make the tough decisions and cut as needed. The message on WWE Network being a great value is out there. No sense overdoing it.

With the new WWE Network subscriptions report, do you think the company is on the right track to making it a success?