Tom Brokaw recounts events of 9/11 on Colbert Report

Daniel McCall

In an interview on yesterday's Colbert Report, NBC News veteran Tom Brokaw recalled his experiences on 9/11, a day that, as he puts it in the interview, forever changed America.

His day started off, oddly enough, in a Yoga class, in which he was coaxed into by his wife. He remarked that he didn't want to be there, but he never imagined he'd be able to get out of it as a result of a major, life-changing tragedy.

Most of us have difficulties recalling the events from that day, but Brokaw considers revisiting the events as "instructive". Recalling the day from his perspective allows him to reflect on everything from that tragic day.

After hearing the news and rushing to the NBC studios in New York, he called up his wife, who was in Montana at the time, and said: "We're at war and I don't know when we're gonna be able to talk, you better get up and start watching this."

He recalled, ""When I play the tape back in my mind, there was a real surreal quality about it. It seemed to unfold in a kind of slow-mo way because we didn't know what was gonna happen next. When you go to war or when Hurricane Irene is coming ashore, you have a little warning. In this case, it completely stunned all of us."

"It took me everything I knew not just as a journalist but as a husband and as a father and as a citizen to get through that day."

via Huffington Post