Portia De Rossi And Ellen DeGeneres Buy Condo Together, Is Their Marriage On The Rebound?

The last few weeks have seen report after report that Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres’ marriage is a house of cards, but the naysayers may have suffered a setback recently. News emerged this week that de Rossi and DeGeneres have bought a condo together, but is the property buy just a band-aid over a mortal wound?

DeGeneres and de Rossi are one of Hollywood’s favorite pairings, and rumors that the two are bound for Splitsville have dogged the couple for some time. Reports vary on exactly what has caused the supposed rift between the two; some say it is Ellen is too controlling, others that Portia is out of control.

Other reports have Ellen cheating on Portia before and during de Rossi’s stint in rehab earlier this year. No matter the supposed cause, rumor has it that their relationship is on its last legs.

But is it?

Last week, as The Inquisitr reported, the two purchased a condo together.

“Ellen and Portia just purchased an entire floor of a luxury building in Beverly Hills,” according to one insider. The condo is situated “right in the heart of everything that they do in Hollywood,” the insider says, allowing de Rossi and Ellen “the convenience they need” in their busy celebrity lives.

That insider says, as Fashion Times notes, that it’s unlikely that they two are on the outs. If so, the reasoning goes, why would they buy property together?

Others, though, might counter that the pair are attempting to paper over cracks that go down to the foundation of their relationship. Working against them would be the fact that Ellen is a much bigger star than de Rossi, a fact that could be causing strife in their relationship.

Add to that the fact that de Rossi has been in and out of rehab as of late. Between an alleged eating disorder and rumors of an out of control substance abuse problem, Portia’s internal struggles could well be putting a strain on her and Ellen’s relationship.

On Ellen’s end, there are also the aforementioned rumors that DeGeneres is simply too controlling. The August 11 issue of In Touch magazine has one source going so far as to say that Ellen has been making Portia turn down roles when she thinks de Rossi isn’t “strong enough” to take them. The source continues, saying that it’s not actually a question of Portia’s personal strength, but Ellen’s need to control de Rossi’s behavior.

Still, the couple soldiers on… or goes about their regular business in the midst of tabloid fabrications… one of the two. The condo buy definitely doesn’t seem like the sort of thing a couple does before calling it quits. Adding to the likelihood that they’ll stay together, they’re even rumored to be planning an addition to their family.

So, what do you think? Are Ellen and Portia just putting up a good front? Is everybody else just wrong, and de Rossi’s marriage is just fine?