Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez Rekindle Friendship With Night Out

Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez have rekindled their friendship with a night out in an attempt to overcome the struggles that have plagued their relationship over the last few months.

Gomez’s strife with her former beau, Justin Bieber, had caused a wedge between the two singers as Swift had told her pal that he simply wasn’t any good for her. However, now that Gomez and Bieber have officially ended their time together as a couple, Swift has let bygones be bygones and she has reunited with Selena.

Over the weekend, Gomez and Swift spent an evening together, and they even decided to share their time together with their legions of online followers. Gomez uploaded a video to her Instagram on Sunday that featured Taylor providing a voice over and Selena giggling.

Selena added the caption: “Guys, that happened in real life and not just in movies. Narration by @taylorswift.” In the clip you can hear coyotes howling at the moon, something that takes Swift by surprise because she thought that wolves only reacted in this manner.

As part of her narration Taylor declares: “What you are witnessing, actually hearing, is coyotes freaking out over a full moon. I didn’t know that was a real thing. I thought it was just a wolf thing.” The two girls can then both be heard cracking up with laughter.

It’s believed that the video was recorded at Gomez’s home in Calabasas, California, and it proves that the duo are now, once again, good friends. Because of their recent dispute, Swift missed Selena’s 22nd birthday while Gomez also wasn’t present at Swift’s Fourth of July party. It’s now believed that Swift is playing an integral role in helping Gomez get over Bieber, and she has even tried to set her up with a bevy of her friends.

An insider told Hollywood Life, “She’s been trying to set Selena up with some really cool guys that she may be interested in. Selena didn’t come crying to Taylor when she broke up with Justin. As a result, Taylor has been really supportive of her and offering to talk about the split.”

Back in May, as reported by The Inquisitr, Swift explained that her friendship with Gomez is actually the longest either of them have ever had. She told E! News, “It’s been the longest [friendship] I think either of us have had really.”

Are you glad that Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez are friends again?

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