Mom Allegedly Catches Husband Molesting Daughter, Sets Him On Fire

If a mom sets her husband on fire, she’d better have a good reason. And according to a new report from Twin Cities News Talk, Tatanysha Hedman did.

Hedman claims that she caught Vincent Phillips molesting their 7-year-old daughter. Rather than calling police and turning him in, she instead waited until he was sleeping and then doused him with gasoline and set him ablaze.

Convenience store footage of Phillips in agony as he runs through the door calling for help has been making the rounds online. Footage also shows Hedman purchasing the gasoline prior to the burning.

Phillips was taken to an area hospital to recover from his injuries; police confirmed that he will face child molestation charges. Hedman will face arson and assault charges.

In a separate report from KOMO News, Renton, Washington, police said Phillips, 52, was “badly burned” and that the incident had taken place on July 17.

More from the report, which goes in to a bit more detail:

“Phillips then fled their apartment and drove to a Skyway convenience store screaming ‘I’m on fire!’ Customers looked on as Vincent Phillips dropped to his knees, clearly in agony and begging, ‘Help me!’

“The store clerk called 911 and medics rushed Phillips to Harborview Medical Center for treatment of severe burns.

“Hedman, 40, later was arrested and told investigators she set her husband on fire because he hurt her 7-year-old daughter, who is his stepdaughter. She said she did it because shooting him ‘was too nice.’

“Then on Wednesday detectives said they are recommending that Phillips be charged with first-degree child molestation.

“Phillips is still hospitalized in intensive care. His wife remains in jail, facing assault and arson charges.”

Most of the 270 commenters at KOMO were in support of Hedman, even though the case is still in a he said-she said state.

“A woman don’t just go crazy for nothing am sure whatever he did he deserve it!!!” [sic]

“If the story is true about the husband molesting the daughter, he deserved to be set on fire. The district attorney is clearly taking up for pedophiles and molestors. Maybe the DA`s computers should be checked.”

“The only thing she’s guilty of is violating the burn ban that was in effect at the time.”

Still, not everyone agreed. “Setting someone on fire is about as bad as it gets. Don’t call the police about any molestation. Just take matters into your own hands and commit a terrorist act. She should have the same done to her. She is not qualified to live among people.”

What do you think, readers? If a mom sets her husband on fire for molesting her daughter, should she be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law?