Boy, 3, Killed By Horse: Spilled Feed Spooks Horse And Kills Boy Unintentionally

A Texas boy, 3, was killed after he was kicked in the chest by a horse that spooked after some feed spilled out of a grain sack. Montgomery County Police Reporter reports that Colton Lee Clegg, was helping his father and uncle move some grain sacks when suddenly a bunch of feed spilled out of one of them. The horse, standing nearby, spooked and kicked the boy in the chest.

According to the report, Colton’s father, Christopher Clegg, and his uncle, Joseph A. Stevens, were unloading sacks of feed from a truck around 7:50 pm August 5. Colton was holding the gate open as Clegg and Stevens were bringing in the feed. Apparently, the horse that was standing nearby knocked one of the sacks out of Stevens’ hands, which spooked him. At that point, the 3-year-old’s father told him not to move. When he did this, the horse was startled by his quick movement and kicked the boy in the chest.

Colton was transported by Life Flight to Herman Hospital in Houston. Medics were unable to revive him and he died on the evening of August 6.

An investigation is underway and an autopsy will be conducted.

3-Year-Old Killed By Horse

The horse, which wasn’t specifically identified as a stallion or gelding (castrated male horse), didn’t intentionally hurt Colton Lee Clegg. Horses react to sudden movements and when they’re spooked, they aren’t aiming to go out of their way to kill someone. The animal’s only interest is in escaping the commotion that set it off in the first place. If they kick out like this horse reportedly did, it was an instant impulse to what he thought was a threat. The horse was already in a spooked state of mind after the grain was spilled, but he was further shaken by another movement that sent him over the edge.

A GoFundMe page for his medical and funeral expenses has been set up.

According to the post on the page, it reads:

“Colton Lee Clegg was such a little go getter and a bright, smart little boy. If it had to do with hangin’ with the guys Colton was all for it but dont be mistaken he was a momma boy too. What happened to Colton was a horrific, tragic accident. No parent should ever have to go through what Chris & Brittany are going through right now, so with that being said we have put together this fundraiser to help in anyway way possible. Colton will be missed dearly and never forgotten and loved forever.”

[Images via Daily Mail]