Pedophile Released From Prison, Moves In Directly Across The Street From Former Victim

Demi Bowers’ worst nightmare came to fruition when the unthinkable happened. The man who molested her at the age of 13 moved into her neighborhood. But, it gets worse. According to the Daily Mail, John Breckon moved in directly across the street from his victim.

She recounted the horrific time in her life and how she’d met the 53-year-old man. “I met John because my mom was friends with his mum, who lived over the road from us in Bridlington,” Bowers told the publication. “John was older and married to a nurse called Karen, and when I found out she was pregnant I was over the moon — I love babies, and I couldn’t wait to help them.”

Bowers was sexually assaulted by Breckon for several months when she just was 13. During that time, she was the babysitter for his daughter. He was reportedly released from prison in 2012 after serving more than four years. Although he was banned from Bridlington for one year after his release, there is no residential restriction beyond that time frame.

Breckon reportedly inherited the home on the victim’s street following his mother’s death. Although he only spends a partial amount of his time there renovating the home, his presence is still very difficult for the victim. He also has a home with his wife and children, but plans to move into the home in Bridlington once renovations are complete.

The victim’s mother, Angela Kingston, is outraged by Breckon’s close proximity. She revealed Breckon continues to taunt her daughter and she is outraged that the law does not prohibit his actions. Unfortunately, her daughter has been forced to move away because of his presence.

“We are living in the 21st century and a convicted pedophile is allowed to live opposite his victim and nothing is stopping him. My daughter was robbed of her childhood, she can’t come and visit her own mum. He was sat in the window watching her from her bedroom and now she is too scared to be here. There is no law stopping it and I feel let down. He has more human rights than she does. She has had to move away.”

Technically Breckon isn’t breaking any law, which is the disheartening part about the whole debacle. His wife also insists that he isn’t causing any problems and her husband is “entitled to live where he wants.” Do you think Breckon should be allowed to live in such close proximity to his victim?

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