Three Weeks In Quarantine For Missionaries Exposed To Ebola Virus

Missionaries working in West African areas plagued with the Ebola virus have been ordered to spend three weeks in quarantine once they return to the U.S., the Los Angeles Times is reporting today. North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services stated that the weeks in quarantine command will start from the last day the person was exposed to the Ebola virus in places such as Liberia.

The missionaries in question are said to be with SIM USA of Charlotte, North Carolina, and have not shown any signs of being sick. The missionaries will arrive at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport located at 5501 R C Josh Birmingham Pkwy. However, they will arrive at a specified location for three weeks in quarantine where they will not be exposed to travelers or workers.

The weeks in quarantine order is not to deliberately single people out but is designed to protect the population from possible infection or exposure to the Ebola virus. SIM USA president Bruce Johnson gave a statement regarding the quarantine.

“SIM USA has been working closely with international, national, state and local public health officials since this most recent outbreak of Ebola in Western Africa began.”

The Sim USA missionaries were there in West Africa preaching the gospel and volunteering their time to help. According to their website, this is part of their ministry. SIM USA’s home office is located at 14830 Choate Circle in Charlotte, North Carolina. The organization has been operating in countries all over the world since 1893.

A person who has been infected with the Ebola virus will usually suffer with the following flu-like symptoms: headaches, high fever, muscle aches, sore throat, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. The symptoms then progress to internal bleeding and eventual failure of the kidney and the liver.

The Ebola virus is passed to those who are in contact with an infected person’s blood or bodily fluids. As of now, there are no known cases of the Ebola virus spreading through the air, according to The Inquisitr.

The 1995 movie Outbreak starring Dustin Hoffman and the book The Hot Zone by Richard Preston show the panic and hysteria surrounding deadly diseases.

During the three week quarantine, doctors will watch the patients carefully to see if symptoms of the virus develop, according to the International Business Times. The book How to Stay Healthy Abroad by expert traveler Richard Dawood is a valuable aid to help travelers who have a desire to explore exotic lands prevent infection and viruses.