Plane Crash Kills 39 In Iran, Horrific Moment Captured On Camera

For some people, they are at the right place at the right time to catch a one-in-a-million moment on camera. Here on The Inquisitr, we reported on such rare moments. There are many reports on such things as the brutal beating of a prone man by two cops, an unidentified flying object seen over Italy, a major mistake for a Red Sox female fan who caught a ball while it was still in play, and a horrific helicopter crash in South Korea that killed five people.

Now another moment was caught by a person who was at the right place at the right time. Unfortunately, this moment was horrific which cost the lives of 39 people. Reports are coming in about an Iranian plane crashed which claimed the lives of those on board. This accident was recorded and uploaded on Instagram by a user going by the name “aldinxs.” It is attached below.

According to an article by The Blaze, the locally built Iranian plane crashed shortly after takeoff in Tehran on Sunday. After the incident, questions surfaced about the safety of a cash-strapped aviation sector left hobbled by international sanctions. President Hassan Rouhani offered his condolences to victims’ families and quickly ordered an investigation into the crash. Similar planes operated by other Iranian carriers will be grounded until the investigation is complete.

From what is reported, the plane was based on a relatively obscure Ukrainian design involved in previous Iranian disasters. The Sepahan Air regional airliner was bound for the eastern town of Tabas when it went down in a residential area shortly after takeoff at 9:20 am from Tehran’s Mehrabad airport. State television said the plane’s tail struck the cables of an electricity tower before it hit the ground and burst into flames. The official IRNA news agency said the plane suffered an engine failure. Whatever the cause, quick thinking from the pilot may have saved some lives.

Jalal Maleki, spokesman of Tehran’s Fire Department, made a statement thanking God about the situation, in which he said:

“We should be thankful to God that the pilot did all he could to steer the plane away from residential buildings and fortunately did not crash into them. Otherwise, we would have been dealing with a much worse crisis.”

We want to know what you think about the incident happening with the airliner. It is a tragedy that 39 people lost their lives in the crash, but just like Maleki said, we should be thankful that the situation was contained as best as the pilot could.

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