World Cat Day Round-Up!

World Cat Day has come and come and gone, but whether or not most people even know that August 8 is World Cat Day is questionable. That didn’t stop a hefty number of websites from showing their support for our feline compatriots. We’ll go ahead and round up the most interesting cat-tacular posts from around the web. Luckily for everyone, the internet is pretty much World Cat Day year around, right?


The Cat With The World’s Longest Fur

World's Longest Fur
Sophie Jam

The folks over at The Guinness World Records announced this week that a cat named Sophie has the world’s longest fur, with her tail containing strands up to 11 inches! Not bad for a cat that was handed to her in a paper bag from a pair of strangers one day.


15 Reasons Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs

Cat and Crossword
Are cats smarter than dogs?

The International Business Times went crazy this week with not one, but two posts celebrating the internet’s favorite species. The first threatens to answer the age old question by listing 15 reasons why our feline friends are better than dogs. Sure to ruffle the feathers of dog lovers, they take loving jabs at the “less intelligent” of the two. Their words, not ours.


Best Cartoon Cats Ever

The Baron of The Cat Returns, a film by studio Ghibli

The second takes a slightly less grating approach with a top ten list of animated cats. With their choices ranging from American cartoons, webcomics, memes, and anime, this list had a healthy dose of choices from all different forms of entertainment. Check them out!


Famous Cats Of The Internet

Tarder Sauce, A.K.A Grumpy Cat

In what is perhaps the most interesting article of the bunch, The Toronto Sun gives us more info on the many famous cats of the interwebs. Not famous cats in the fictional sense, but real cats that grew famous online. As such you’ll find the likes Grumpy Cat and Keyboard Cat here.


Cats and David Tennant

David Tenant... with a cat on his head.

Doctor Who fans, eat your hearts out. Tennant News quite fittingly would not be content to merely show cat videos. Why not have the best of both world and have videos and pictures of them together? Seems legit.


Cat Gifs

Cute kitten

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about this. How god would anything cat-related be without a handful of GIFs to round it all off? Pawnation does not disappoint with five absolutely adorable GIFs.

So happy belated World Cat Day, everyone! May the coming year bring forth more beloved content for us to pass the time and share with our co-workers!