Is Cameron Diaz Getting Hitched?

Actress Cameron Diaz and former Good Charlotte band member Benji Madden may have been dubbed “the odd couple,” but it looks like they are thinking about exchanging vows, according to an insider.

The two were introduced to each other just this spring, through Cameron’s bestie Nicole Richie…who happens to be married to Joel Madden, Benji’s identical twin brother. Nicole thought the two would “click,” and apparently, she was correct. Friends close to the star say that Diaz hasn’t been this happy in years, and both Diaz and Madden believe that although things are moving quickly between them, their love is something special.

After dating for just a few months, it seems as though Madden has officially moved in with Diaz. He has had a key to Cameron’s place for awhile and has been there so often that friends close to the couple say he practically lives there anyhow.

According to an insider, Diaz and Madden had plans to make the move-in official after returning from their recent vacation, where they sailed along the French and Italian coasts on the three-story Lady Britt mega-yacht, which cost a reported $633,000 per week. Madden also reportedly met Diaz’s family during a trip to Florida – a big step for any relationship, celebrities or not!

A source told People:

“It seemed important to Cameron that Benji met her family, and she looked very proud to introduce him to everyone. They were very sweet to each other, constantly kissing and flirting. It was obvious that they had a great vacation.”

It is uncertain whether Madden, 35, has proposed to the 41-year-old Diaz yet, but he is reportedly making plans and arrangements to pop the question in the near future. In fact, a source claims that Madden has asked Diaz’s good friend and his own sister-in-law Nicole Richie to help him design the perfect engagement ring for Diaz.

The insider says:

“Nicole first introduced them, so it seems fitting that she should have a hand in the proposal. Benji knows things are moving fast, but he’s convinced that Cameron is the one and doesn’t see the point in wasting any time.”

After a string of romances gone bad for Diaz, including relationships with actor Matt Dillon, actor Jared Leto and singer Justin Timberlake, it seems as though Cameron has finally found the one.

However, even if a wedding does seem imminent, one thing Diaz fans don’t need to look for is a baby bump. In the August issue of Esquire magazine, Diaz bluntly admitted that she has zero interest in having children and that she is not maternal. “It’s so much more work to have children,” she stated. “To have lives besides your own that you are responsible for – I didn’t take that on… A baby – that’s all day, every day for 18 years.”

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