Bryce Harper Destroys Braves Logo with His Cleats – But His Reaction Will Shock You!

Bryce Harper left a lot of Atlanta Braves players and fans very upset Saturday night even before he swung his bat. As Bryce Harper stepped up to the plate, he used his cleat to swipe the “A” logo designed in the dirt behind the home plate at Turner Field.

Even though the average person might write this off as an innocent mistake, the fact that Bryce did it on at least two of his turns at bat proves that the dirty act was completely intentional.

Each time Harper approached the plate, the crowd of Atlanta Braves fans in the stands did not hesitate to boo him. Therefore, his seemingly intentional swiping of the “A” dirt logo on the field was perceived as a way for him to bite back at the hecklers.

Whether Bryce Harper committed the same act three times during the game is still debatable, but a local broadcast crew in Atlanta was definitely able to pick up on the first two occurrences. When Bryce Harper walked up to the plate for his second time as batter during the game, the play-by-play announcer for the Atlanta news station had this to say:

“Harper, now [in] two at-bats has done the same thing as he makes his way to the left-hand batters box. Watch what he does when he gets to the ‘A’ behind home plate.”

Later on during his broadcast, he was even able to throw in a quip about Bryce Harper in reference to his offensive actions:

“Just endears himself to more Braves fans.”

However, when Bryce Harper was asked to explain his actions, he could not even admit what he had done on the field multiple times. Harper even stated that it was “the last thing on my mind when I’m coming to the plate. I had no idea.” The Atlanta Braves clearly saw exactly what happened and did not hold their tongue when it came to rebutting the reaction of Bryce Harper with a simple yet profound tweet that speaks volumes:

The Atlanta Braves were not the only ones who flocked to Twitter to voice their opinions about what Bryce Harper did on the field. Here are some more of the interesting tweets that were posted in reference to this incident:

Idc how talented you are you can’t just disrespect another teams field #bryceharper

— William W. Braxton (@D3Bound58) August 10, 2014

Dear #Braves. Please hit #BryceHarper Sundag for disrespecting your A & our beloved #Baseball. Sincerely, –#America

— Farhaj (@Farhaj) August 10, 2014

What do you think about Bryce Harper? Did he intentionally offend the Atlanta Braves with his infamous dirt swipe or was it an honest mistake that is being blown out of proportion?