Arrested Development’s Will Arnett Confirms Season 5 Is Happening

When Season 4 of Arrested Development got picked up by Netflix, it seemed to come out of nowhere. Sure, the series reached an all-time cult status after its cancellation in 2006, but it has been years since the cast was together.

Since its cancellation, many members of the ensemble cast went on to other very successful projects, so the likelihood of them reuniting was slim to none. When Netflix announced they were producing an additional season of the show back in 2013, it was a very “let’s see what happens” mentality. It was understandable because almost every member of the cast was already very busy with other work related projects. Seeing it extend into an additional season on Netflix? At that time, it wasn’t that likely.

Months later and we have a different story. Original content on Netflix is now in a league of its own, and Arrested Development has managed to please their old fans and gain a whole new set of fans that were once just curious and now completely hooked thanks to season 4.

As we reported, Season 5 was being whispered about by big players like Netflix chief officer Ted Sarandos, but now we have huge confirmation that yes, this is happening.

Cast member Will Arnett is the first person from the show that has given a straight answer on whether or not fans of the show will get a season 5 on Netflix. The answer is they absolutely will.

Arnett went on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and gave a verbal confirmation that fans of the show were looking for.

“You know, the truth is, that the guy who’s the big boss man at Netflix, he announced it. We don’t know when, but it’s going to happen.”

As expected fans of the show are extremely happy about a Season 5 of Arrested Development:

As for when Season 5 will happen, as we reported, we still don’t know as it’s probably up to careful scheduling between all of the cast members, but at least now we have confirmation that it’s definitely happening.

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