Grandpa Gets A Puppy: YouTube Video The Latest To Capture The Hearts Of Viewers [Video]

In a flurry of furry viral YouTube videos featuring dogs, “Grandpa Gets A Puppy” is the latest, joining another, “Stella’s Dog Brakes,” which also struck a chord with YouTube fans this week.

“Grandpa Gets A Puppy”, however, takes the average YouTube dog and/or animal video to a whole new level, going beyond the usual fare that just features an animal exhibiting its cuteness or doing something zany.

In fact, some top movie critics might recognize that “Grandpa Gets A Puppy” introduces cinematic elements that include family, emotion, lost loved ones, death, and rebirth, not before seen on YouTube, elevating the piece to new heights that embrace the cycle of life and beginning anew, no matter the age and the sorrow one is feeling… or something like that.

Anyway, “Grandpa Gets A Puppy” will tug at your heart-strings, and likely prompt tears, thereby leading to a recommendation that you have a box of tissue nearby while viewing the video (below).

This writer has before mentioned the age-old saying, “If a YouTube video features dogs, women, or children, then it’s definitely worth watching.” Well, “Grandpa Gets A Puppy” features ALL of these things, so no wonder it is capturing the hearts of YouTube viewers throughout the cyber-universe.

wife, dog, puppy, Snoopy, youtube, Grandpa
A family prepares to introduce a new puppy, Snoopy, to their Grandpa after the recent losses of both his wife and his previous dog.

Along with The Inquisitr, “Grandpa Gets A Puppy” has also been being reported on by other media outlets, including the UK’s Mirror. A little background:

Grandpa has recently lost the two things many men hold most dear, his wife and his dog. Along with the video, the family posted the following:

“After a marriage of 63 years together, grandma past away on July 26th 2014 after a short, but intense disease. Grandpa also lost his doggy all within 4 months. To give him energy and the courage to continue his life… We gave him this present. A moment filled with emotions!”

The video opens with a member of the family on his way to rendezvous with the others and, ultimately, Grandpa. The video is graciously subtitled in English.

“Good Morning, everybody,” says the man in his native tongue while driving. “As most of you already know, we have lost someone very special last week… (particularly special to) our grandfather!”

The puppy is presented moments later by more members of the family, including an adorable little girl, who presents the pup to Grandpa a few cuts later. This is the point where you might be glad you have some tissues handy.

At the time of this writing, “Grandpa Gets A Puppy” has attracted 1,288,331 viewers with 4,353 exhibiting a healthy appreciation for Love overcoming heartbreak with a “Thumbs Up” vote. Ninety-seven others meanwhile, who perhaps don’t like their Grandpas, puppies, or both, inexplicably gave the video a “Thumbs Down.”

Regardless, please welcome a loving family, their Grandpa and a puppy in “Grandpa Gets A Puppy”:

[Images and video via YouTube]