Sam Smith Singing New James Bond Theme Song? Here’s How He’ll Pick Up Where Adele Left Off!

Sam Smith is currently in talks with MGM Studios to record the new theme song for the highly-anticipated James Bond movie scheduled for a November 2015 release, according to Music Times.

Reports show that Sam Smith is the studio’s first choice since Adele has rejected the studio’s offer to follow up the success of her Oscar-winning theme song from the previous James Bond film, Skyfall.

Within a report confirmed by The Sun, an inside source at MGM had the following to say about Sam Smith:

Sam is our top choice. He has the profile, cool image and an astonishing voice to record a Bond theme

Sam Smith is still relatively unknown by many people around the world. However, his music seems to precede him in more ways than most people realize. Even though the name “Sam Smith” might not ring a bell, chances are that you have heard his hit single, “Stay With Me” from his debut album, In the Lonely Hour. As of last week, that hit song held the #2 spot on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. You can also hear his voice featured singing the catchy hook for the hit Disclosure song, “Latch.”

If this deal with MGM goes through successfully, Sam Smith might finally get the golden opportunity to have the spotlight shined directly on him – just like Adele did back in 2012 when she was chosen to sing the theme song for Skyfall:

As a matter of fact, Sam Smith would share quite a bit in common with Adele if he is the one chosen to record the new James Bond theme song. For example:

      • Both are from the United Kingdom (Adele is English; Sam Smith is British)
    • Both were primarily known for emotionally-stirring hit songs related to past relationships before being chosen by MGM (Adele had “Rolling the Deep” while Sam Smith has “Stay With Me”)
    • Both skyrocketed from being relatively unknown to internationally recognized, which is what led them to being chosen in the first place.

The only thing left to now is to see how the Sam Smith theme song for the new James Bond movie (tentatively titled Bond 24) will perform both commercially and critically when it is officially recorded and released to the rest of the world. Hopefully, everything goes well and the deal goes through. As you probably have noticed already from Twitter feeds and Facebook posts, the mere possibility of this being true has already excited many fans of both Sam Smith as well as the popular movie franchise:

The thought of @samsmithworld singing the new James Bond song makes my heart stop!

— Sam Smith Nation (@SamSmithNation) August 8, 2014

Only time will tell if the rest of the world feels the same way about Sam Smith once the song is finally released. It is still a little too early for speculation, especially since the movie is not scheduled to be released until October (UK) and November (US) of 2015. Until then, we’ll just have to wait and see if Sam Smith can measure up and fill the large shoes that Adele left behind.

[Image Credit: Metro]