Ohio Man Kicks Innocent Cat Into the Air, You Won’t Believe His Response: Disturbing Footage Goes Viral

Animal abuse has been a big topic of concern for quite some time. However, some people still refuse to consider how serious animal cruelty is. On Wednesday, August 6, a new disturbing video was posted on the “Ohio Animal Abusers” Facebook page.

The video was reportedly filmed in Akron Ohio. The man in the video can be seen forcefully kicking a black cat into the air for comical purposes. Although the footage was removed shortly after it was uploaded, it had already begun circulating around the Internet. The video has received more than 4,000 shares on Facebook and has almost 50,000 views on Live Leak since it was uploaded on the site yesterday. Needless to say, most viewers were extremely outraged by the blatant display of animal cruelty.

According to NewsNet- Cleveland, local citizens are asking that the man in the video be held accountable for his horrific actions. As a matter of fact, the public response to the footage has been so overwhelming that the news station opted to contact the Akron Police Department. There’s even an online petition that has been launched as a result of the shocking incident. The petition, which has almost 6,000 signatures, revealed that the footage was shot by a man named Roy Hill. The alleged animal abuser reportedly goes by the nickname, “Solidd The Gasser.”

The man allegedly took to Facebook with a brash, racist response to those who are displeased with his actions. Needless to say, he has absolutely no remorse for his actions. He also has animosity against those who opposed his actions. Here’s what he had to say:

“F— whoever keep reporting me,” he said. “I officially don’t like white people I can’t stand y’all pork smiling mutha—— I’m racist f— you crackers they call me “Nignorant.” Of course, he deleted his Facebook account after posting the message. However, many users were able to screenshot both status posts before the account was deactivated.

Local citizens are asking that the man in the video be held accountable for his horrific actions. Captain Daniel Zampelli of the Akron Police has also released an official response with details about their plan of action to move forward and bring down the offender.

“We are working on it. We take animal cruelty cases like this very seriously. Our first steps are to ID the man, find out where he is at and confront him. From there we will work with the prosecutor’s office to figure out if charges should be filed.”

Zampelli also revealed that a number of similar cases of animal cruelty have led to arrests and even jail time. If the man in the video is prosecuted in the state of Ohio, he could face up to 90 days in jail and fines up to $2,500.

Do you feel the possible punishment is lenient or harsh?

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