Watch: Fifty Shades Of Grey Frozen Mashup Draws Creepy Parallels

Fifty Shades of Grey and Disney’s Frozen have been two of the most talked-about stories of the past year, but with the two carrying diametrically opposite reputations –while kids, parents, and firefighters singing songs from Frozen have gone viral, Fifty Shades has made openly reading erotica more socially accepted than ever — no one would have ever expected the two to ever cross.


Yet that’s exactly what’s happened in a video that plays the audio of the controversial Fifty Shades of Grey trailer (the one declared too hot for morning tv) over a series of clips from Disney’s Frozen.

While the mashup trailer shows none of the steamy BDSM scenes that the Fifty Shades book series is famous for, and that are so anticipated in the movie, there’s no doubt that it’s a bit creepy to see how closely some of the scenes it does show parallel those in the actual trailer.

Watch Fifty Shades of Frozen below:

Why does it make our skin crawl? Maybe it brings home the fact that even in the most beloved children’s movie we’ve seen in a long time, female-male relationships are presented in the same light as in an adult-oriented BDSM erotic thriller.


It’s not just that Princess Anna and Prince Hans are carrying out vaguely similar actions to those in the Fifty Shades trailer: knocking on a door, leaning in as though for a kiss, chatting in chairs — but that the body language and the facial expressions tell the same story. Princess Anna, like Ana Steele, sinking down in her chair; Prince Hans, like Christian Grey, taking the young woman’s face possessively in his hands. In both scenes, the young woman comes across as shy and reserved and the man as dominant.

Should it be any surprise to see this in Frozen, when Disney movies have oft been decried for their portrayal of women and girls? Well, in recent years, we’ve been giving Disney a lot of credit for branching out and giving women more powerful roles. For instance, Christian Science Monitor spoke in 2012 about Merida, the star of Brave, as a strong female character, but also pointed out that it was clear she was the exception, an outlier.


Movie Pilot, on the other hand, has lauded Disney for a long line of strong female characters and plots surrounding family, rather than romance, but in most of the movies they describe, it’s still made clear that females are delicate, small, and obedient (or should be), while men are big, strong, and (when they’re good guys) dependable and dominant.

So, yes, much of the body language between the male and female leads of Frozen looks very similar to that of the Fifty Shades of Grey characters, but the same could be said of many characters across many genres.