Anti-Obesity PSA Targets Parents As Cause of Adult Obesity, Powerful Or Enraging [Video]

This powerful PSA from Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta reminds us all “that obesity doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a lifetime’s worth of bad habits, bad choices and bad nutrition.” The 100-second PSA rewinds the life of Jim, “a man whose life flashes right before his very eyes, unhealthy habits and all.” However, not everyone thinks this type of ad works.

In the PSA we see Jim, a man who is now on an early death bed due to obesity. As Jim is being treated by doctors, his life flashes before his eyes in reverse. You see a lifelong struggle with food and bad health habits from lack of exercise to battling poor food choices. However, as his life goes in reverse, you also see his attempts to make a better life for himself. The occasional healthy diet or doctor’s plan.

However, each time, Jim goes back to his old ways. As the video progresses, Jim is getting younger. At the end, we see where all of Jim’s poor eating choices and habits came from, his mother. At the end of the video, you see a tiny baby Jim fussing over his food, a tired mother is struggling to find something he will eat. Ultimately, she makes the decision to give him something he likes, french fries. She tells a friend “it is the only thing he will eat.”

The PSA ends with a statement that:

“Your child’s future doesn’t have to end this way. There is still time to reverse the unhealthy habits our kids take into adulthood. We’ll show you how.

The PSA comes on the heels of a recent study that shows more kids are severely obese than ever before.

Many people feel these anti-obesity PSAs overlook real medical problems that can contribute to weight. What do you think of the PSA? Is it effective or does it alienate those it is trying to reach?