Jellyfish Filmed In UK The Largest Ever Caught On Video, See How Big It Is [Video]

A jellyfish filmed swimming off the coast of Cornwall is thought to be the biggest ever caught on camera in Britain according to Barcroft TV. The four-foot wide barrel jellyfish, which is also known as the dustbin-lid jellyfish, was filmed by diver and archeologist Robert Lenfert.

Robert, 42, and his wife Natasha, 39, met the giant creature off Pendennis Point, near Falmouth, Cornwall. The pair swam beside the giant sea beast for half an hour as it glided through the water. In the video, you can see both motion video and still shots of the giant jellyfish. The jellyfish is so large in many photos when it is fully extended it makes the humans look small.

Huge jellyfish found in UK

Robert said to the Sunday Express:

“It was a good 4ft long, maybe longer, but totally harmless. It was an amazing sight.”

Lenfert notes that he believes this is the biggest jellyfish captured in a photograph or video ever in UK waters. Barrel jellyfish are not typically found in UK waters. They are usually found in the tropics, but warm weather has led to sightings around Britain. The Lenferts just so happen to be lucky enough to catch one of these amazing creatures on film.

This isn’t the first time someone has stumbled across a unique jellyfish. California actually experienced an invasion of rare jellyfish called black nettles. Photographs of the rare jellyfish date back to around 1920. However, as they are very rare, the black nettles were not identified until 1999.