August 24, 2017
Low Cost Birth Control Pills, IUDs In Colorado Yield Fantastic Results

Birth control pills and IUDs have been made more affordable in Colorado, and the results are astonishing.

One of the most hotly debated issues of the day without entering too far into the political crosshairs is birth control. Some believe that abstinence is the best solution, and while it does eliminate teen pregnancy altogether, others would argue that it's "no fun." The solution you choose usually depends on which side of the political fence you stand.

Pro-choice defenders believe that the woman should retain the right to what she does with her body after sex.

Those who choose the pro-life side of the debate believe that you should simply not have sex if you don't want children. It's this group that might have a problem with the latest discovery in Colorado.

The low cost of birth control pills has shown that despite a definite trend of teens who don't favor abstinence, the number of teen pregnancies has dropped by 40 percent. This is nearly half of the teen population who feel that the medical benefits of "the pill" are favorable to simply not having sex at all.

Another form which has also proven popular is the IUD or intrauterine device. The device is inserted by a doctor and releases hormones which kill sperm and make the walls of the uterus too thin for eggs to attach to. Considering how much less maintenance it appears to need, the device is considered favorable to "the pill," and with the low cost, it is proving very effective.

Between 2009 and 2013, teen pregnancies in Colorado have gone from 37 to 22, according to research done by Colorado's Family Planning Initiative. The state went from being number 29 to number 19 on the list of the lowest teen pregnancy rates in the U.S.. With all of the abortions being eliminated, money is being saved across the board.

While free or low cost birth control might not sit well with those who prefer abstinence to risking the consequences, the results of Colorado's research show some definite improvement.

Do you think low cost birth control pills and IUDs are the answer, or do you believe abstinence should be enforced?

[image via phlessons]