44-Year-Old Woman Held In Garage By Kidnappers For Two Days

Kidnappers kept a woman in a garage without food or water for two days, according to police in California. The New York Daily News reports that an unidentified 44-year-old woman was kidnapped by two couples who requested $110,000 for her release. The woman was rescued and was very weak, but she is expected to be okay. Police have arrested four people in the case.

“The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office said 40-year-old Judith Maldonado conspired to kidnap her coworker with her boyfriend, 34-year-old Francisco Inacua-Rosas. Inacua-Rosas’s sister, 32-year-old Rocio Inacua, and her boyfriend, 32-year-old Uziel Cuevas Figueroa also helped the abduction effort.”

The kidnappers that kept the woman in a filthy garage, bound her with duct tape and forced her to use a bucket when needing to go to the restroom. Police believe this all came about when Judith Maldonado overheard a conversation that her co-worker was having about money that she had saved up over the past 20 years. Police say that money was the sole motive in the case. Maldonado allegedly took action with the help of three others on Monday night.

According to police, the woman was walking home from work when Inacua-Rosas drove by and offered her a ride. He then told her that he needed to pick up some food at a nearby restaurant first — little did the woman know that the other three suspects were at said restaurant waiting for her to arrive.

“At gunpoint, they bound, gagged and blindfolded the woman. They drove her to a Rowland Heights home and stuck her in its dirty, messy garage. Inacua then called the woman’s husband demanding the money.”

The kidnappers who held the woman in a garage are all facing life in prison. According to Mail Online, the woman’s husband called police upon receiving the ransom phone call. Authorities were able to trace the call, and they found the kidnapped woman in the garage two days later.

The four suspects are all being held on $2 million bail.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, a New Hampshire kidnapping case is currently being investigated. Teen Abigail Hernandez went missing for nine months, and she was believed to have been held against her will by man named Nathaniel Kibby. Specific details in this case are still unclear, but Abigail’s family is so happy that she is home, alive and safe. Kibby was referred to as “crazy Nate,” and not many people had very nice things to say about him.

Thankfully both victims in these news stories — the 44-year-old woman and Abigail Hernandez — are both okay.

[Photo courtesy of the LA County Sherriff’s Department via NY Daily News]