Ellen DeGeneres, Portia Di Rossi Rumors Fueled By New Tell-All, But Can It Be Trusted?

Ellen DeGeneres fans find it hard to believe the heart-warming star could be the controlling, domineering mate some rumors claim she is. Are they right to doubt? How much credence should be given to the tell-all by Randy Jernigan, which purportedly will reveal shocking secrets about the Degeneres-di Rossi marriage?

In fact, Jernigan has fueled a number of the rumors, according to ClassicalLite, speaking to gossip and celebrity news outlets to claim that Ellen has asked for an open marriage, is controlling and manipulative, and uses jealousy and emotional abuse to keep Portia under control. He says DeGeneres forbids her wife a social life, and even makes rules about which acting jobs she can take.

While dissing Ellen Degeneres, the tell-all author slams Portia Di Rossi, too, calling her insecure and self-loathing, and referring to the actress’ career as ‘in the dumps,’ according to a Radar Online report. Notably, the celebrity gossip expert refers to di Rossi’s problems as ‘secret’ despite the fact that the actress has openly spoken about trouble with anorexia and self-image.

While the author doesn’t say how he obtained inside information about the relationship between Ellen Degeneres and Portia di Rossi, Jernigan’s methods may be revealed a bit in a similar tell-all about Daniel Radcliffe: according to Radar Online, Jernigan claims to have obtained his information from 19 of the actor’s closest friends, though he doesn’t disclose which ones. There has been a backlash as Jernigan has denied quotes in which he is said to call Radcliffe an alcoholic.

According to his profile on Professional Writers Wiki, Jernigan has also faced criticism previously for outing Marie Osmond’s daughter to a celebrity magazine in 2009 and claimed that Osmond was devastated. Osmond afterward spoke out in support of her daughter and in favor of gay rights.

The DeGeneres (unauthorized) biographer is also reported to be writing a tell-all of secrets about the British Royal Family, to be entitled ‘Family Secrets.’

With Jernigan under fire for past alleged misrepresentations, perhaps it would be better to go to the source for the facts:

Ellen DeGeneres talked to People Magazine in February about her relationship with di Rossi, saying “I love her so much it kills me!” She specifically addressed some of the rumors, describing attacks based on a photo of di Rossi without her wedding ring. Ellen explained that the ring gives Portia blisters during horseback riding and that not wearing it is no indication of her relationship with Ellen.

Of course, Ellen’s interview with People came before the latest round of trouble, with Portia’s rehab stint fueling new rumors, but it does suggest that unfounded claims about the DeGeneres-di Rossi marriage are nothing new.

What’s more, this all flies in the face of newer rumors that say Ellen and Portia have talked to a surrogacy agency. If DeGeneres and di Rossi are having a baby, perhaps marital problems have indeed been exaggerated.

Enstarz also reports that DeGeneres and wife just bought a condo together. While Ellen is known for flipping houses, it’s doubtful that’s the intent with a condo.

Thus, for the moment, it’s probably best to ignore the nasty rumors and give Ellen DeGeneres and Portia di Rossi a chance to start their family in some semblance of peace.

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