Authentic Sam Sung Apple Business Card Reaches Over $80,000 On eBay

Sam Sung, a former Apple employee, is now a popular internet celebrity after he put up his Apple work gear for bid on eBay.

Sam Sung has always caught the attention of others, especially since he worked for a company who is the fiercest competitor of his namesake. Sung worked for Apple at the time when the company was in a series of disputes with Samsung.

The 25-year-old already left the central Apple store in Vancouver, Canada and thought that it would be humorous to auction off his Apple work gear. In addition, he is also doing it for a good cause. According to Mirror UK, Sung has already raised $80,200 for the Children’s Wish Foundation by auctioning off an autographed staff shirt, an Apple ID badge, and his name card.

The former Apple employee said that the idea of selling his Apple items came to him when his card fell out of a book.

“So, with a view to raising money for a very deserving charity, I’m auctioning the only Apple Sam Sung business card I have left and I’m going to donate all of the proceeds minus eBay fees to Children’s Wish.”

ABC News reports that the auction began on Tuesday, with a starting bid of 99 cents. After 111 bids, the price reached $80,100. However, the auction is still ongoing and will end on August 15.

eBay Auction

Sung said that it seemed risky for someone to bid $80,100 on his items. He is working with eBay in trying to find out if the bidder is genuine. “I’m saddened that there are a lot of fake bidders, given the nature of the auction and Children’s Wish,” he said.

Because of the fake bids, Sung is not accepting any bids from new eBay accounts and will only approve bids with positive customer feedback. A spokesperson for eBay said that not pushing through with purchasing an item after placing a bid has consequences that may include permanent suspension from eBay.

Director of Children’s Wish Jennifer Petersen said that she is excited by Sung’s brilliant idea.

“When Sam called me with his idea, I was of course thrilled but I believe neither of us through it would get to this, especially so quickly. My staff and I are watching the frenzied bidding with much excitement.”

Sung’s auction couldn’t have come at a better time as this week, Apple and Samsung announced that they had called a truce on all the legal court battles that they had on the issue of patents outside of the United States.

[Images via eBay]