Liam Payne Is Making Serious Bank From 5 Seconds Of Summer

Liam Payne understands the power of pop music.

If you’re worried about 5 Seconds of Summer usurping One Direction and becoming the biggest boy band on the entire planet, then don’t spend too much time losing sleep on the matter. Even if 5SOS somehow manages to rule the proverbial roost, the members of 1D will have plenty of money to keep them busy.

According to Metro, both Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson have a vested interested in the 5 Seconds of Summer’s musical future. That’s because Payne and the rest of the One Direction guys own a significant chunk of the group.

The publication explains:

“Documents found by the Sunday Mirror show Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson are directors of the company which registered the 5SOS trademark. They, along with bandmates Harry Styles, Zayn Malik and Niall Horan, own a 50 per cent stake in the profits with a 10 per cent share each in the company.”

This might explain why Liam Payne has nothing but incredible things to say about 5SOS. When you’ve got money invested in the group’s future, you want them to do well. Since all boy bands have a shelf life — yes, even One Direction will some day go the way of ‘N Sync — it’s good to know that Liam and the guys are preparing for the future.

Payne had this to say about 5SOS earlier this year:

“They are f**king great musicians. I am a bit jealous of them. I am working on learning to play now but I wish I had put the time in like they did when they were kids. They are so massive right now. It’s huge getting to play stadiums at their age. It couldn’t happen to a nicer band.”

Unreality TV reports that neither Liam Payne nor the other members of 1D have officially commented on the matter as of this writing. When someone asked One Direction’s rep about the situation, they simply stated that commenting on the band’s finances was a serious no-no. In other words, it’s probably true.

However, an insider had this to say about their involvement:

“They’re aware of how loyal their following is so by buying into a similar act then urging fans to buy their records, they had a sure-fire hit. They are clearly all friends but they also have a business interest in making sure 5SOS does well.”

Are you surprised Liam Payne and the rest of the One Direction fellas have a 50 percent stake in “rival” band 5 Seconds of Summer?

[Lead image via Christopher Polk / Getty Images]