Jennifer Aniston Vs. Kaley Cuoco: Who’s The Better Sitcom Star (Round 2)

Jennifer Aniston changed the face of TV sitcoms when she took on the role of Rachel Green on Friends. Today, she enjoys multiple movie deals, a $30 million income, and the company of her steamy fiance Justin Theroux. Aniston’s current success can be attributed to her long-time role in the hit comedy show that made her famous, earning her the title of sitcom queen during the peak of her TV career. But the title might soon be passed on to a younger, equally-blonde actress by the name of Kaley Cuoco, who just recently snagged a million dollar deal with NBC for her geek TV sitcom The Big Bang Theory.

On the first round of our Jennifer Aniston vs. Kaley Cuoco face-off, we discussed the growth of the characters they played (or lack thereof) over the course of the seasons. Jennifer’s character evolved from being a talentless trophy bride into an empowered fashion executive in 10 seasons, reeling in fans to root for Jennifer’s character as she struggles to make it in the city. Kaley, on the other hand, has yet to see her character truly grow. Although Penny has made some leaps from her character (being addicted to online RPG, being able to defeat Sheldon on Halo 3), a true-blue change in character hasn’t actually occurred.


And although people opine that comparing the two characters based on how they evolved is unfair since Aniston’s character has already finished ten whole seasons, the fact that TBBT has been on TV for seven years needs to be emphasized. By the same year, Jennifer Aniston’s character has come a long way, from just waitressing at Central Perk to being a mid-executive at Ralph Lauren.

Another issue that needs to be pointed out is the romantic relationships Jennifer and Kaley’s characters went through. Assessing this factor on how real-life romantic relationships actually work, the winner is currently undecided. Jennifer Aniston’s character went through a lot of relationships during the show – 14 people to be exact. Penny has had her handful as well. In the first episode of Season 4, Sheldon computed the number of guys Penny has dated since she was 14, giving us an answer of a whopping 193 men, “give or take.”


In the real world, these are all unimaginable figures. At this point, Penny’s fans would suggest that at least, she’s already with Leonard, while Aniston’s Rachel Green took ten seasons to be finally together with Ross Gellar. But this scenario only speaks about how the characters have evolved throughout the season. Penny and Leonard being together isn’t exactly a good thing, storytelling wise. If anything, it proves the lack of growth that has already been pointed out earlier.

Today’s second round sees Jennifer slightly win the romance part of the battle over her closest sitcom heiress. However, the final decision belongs to you! Who do you think is the better sitcom star – Kaley Cuoco or Jennifer Aniston? Write your comments below!