Home Invaders Messed With The Wrong Woman, Who Took Matters Into Her Own Hands! Literally!

A couple of punks probably eyed a house thinking it would be an easy target. It belonged to a 19-year-old woman and her 10-month-old child, which seems to fit the bill for an easy target. However, the two men learned the hard way that they should not have not crossed this house, with this woman, at this time. The mom took matters in her own hands, and we mean that in a literal sense too!

According to an article by WALB News, followed up by The Blaze, a south Georgia woman fought back two men who forced their way into her home. The report states that Kayla Walker and her son were at home when they heard a noise at the back door. She went to check it out, and that’s when the door was pulled open by a man trying to get inside. In most stereotypical situations, the woman would scream and run away. Not Kayla, as she stated what she did in the following statement:

“But by the time I got in here, they was coming in and I was pushing them back out as hard as I could.”

Kayla said she was able to push the first man out but a second man right behind the first was able to push the first man back in. The situation actually knocked her to the ground. The second man proceeded to straddle her and began beating her face while spewing racial expletives. That was not enough to keep Kayla down as she explains what she did next:

“I head-butted him, then grabbed his privates and I reached up and started choking him.”

Now that is taking matters in one’s own hands, if you think about it. The man probably lost most of his vigor when he felt his testicles being crushed as if they were in a vice. He was able to retaliate a bit after Kayla tried to choke him out. Sadly for the guy, the impact of a hammer hurts tenfold no matter who is swinging it, and Kayla hit him several times with one in the head and body.

The game was up for the men when Kayla got her hands on her shotgun. The man was able to escape into the woods, but Kayla admits she would have blown his head off if not for the fact that her gun was unloaded at the time. In the end, she suffered minor injuries and she also made it clear that she’d defend her home and child, no matter the cost. Finally, she offered some advice for women facing home invasions:

“Fight back to the fullest, no matter what.”

What do you think about the situation with Kayla Walker? Do you think she did what was right, or smart, pertaining to protecting her house and her child? Or was there another way that would have resulted in a better outcome? Let us know in the comments below.

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