Bill Gates Vacations Way Better Than You Do

Philanthropist or evil genius, you can take your pick as to what Bill Gates is or isn’t to you. One thing’s for certain: it’s very unlikely that you can vacation better than Bill can. The Gates family is currently on a $330 million dollar yacht in Porto Cervo, Sardinia.

Renting that yacht for a week set Bill Gates back a mere $5 million. He, his wife Melinda, and their three children are spending the week on the yacht and making the most of it. According to AOL Travel UK, the Microsoft magnate jumped on a helicopter to fly onto the mainland for a bit of tennis. Bill Gates flew back and the family suited up in wet suits for some jet skiing, according to TMZ.

Apparently, despite wanting to be the banker for the poor, Bill Gates isn’t afraid to spend some of his $76 billion fortune on fun times for the Gates family.

The yacht Bill Gates’ is renting is the Serene, a 450-foot, 7-deck ship that hosts 12 state rooms, a seawater swimming pool, a cinema and nightclub, a climbing wall, a gym, and two hot tubs. The helicopter Gates flew to tennis on is also part of the boat’s amenities. The Serene is owned by vodka magnate Yuri Scheffler, who owns Stolichnaya, according to the NY Daily News. And Bill, don’t forget the health spa, library, and underwater viewing room.

The spot for the ship’s mooring is also well-chosen. Porto Cervo is a well-known playground for the rich and famous. It’s a favorite spot for the Royal Family and was beloved by Princess Diana.

Bill Gates is no land lubber, either. He has a known penchant for yachting and was even married on one in 1994 when Bill and Melinda Gates tied the knot on Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s yacht, the Octopus. That yacht is a $200 million floating palace. Bill doesn’t own his own yacht, but frequently makes use of them for business trips and Gates family vacations.

Bill Gates’ choice of vacations certainly trumps the $30,000 per week Hamptons rental the “nearly broke” Bill and Hillary Clinton are on. On one final note, in case you didn’t think that the Bill Gates yacht rental doesn’t include everything.. yes, the Serene also has a submarine and underwater viewing deck. Maybe he can use the idle time staring into the ocean to think of ways to reinvent the toilet. You know, after he’s solved that whole banking for the poor thing.